The Seasonal Plate | What to Eat in September

Eating in season saves money, provides optimal nutrition, and supports local farmers. In North America, find many of the vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, poultry, and seafood below, in season and in markets for the month of September. Need some inspiration for preparing your market basket bounty? Follow each food's link for recipe ideas, too.

Fruit and Nuts
almonds  + apples + chestnuts + cranberries + limes + melon + pears + plums + pomegranate + raspberries + tomatoes

Meat and Poultry

Varies by season, location, and weather patterns

North America: lobster

Primarily year-round species include ahi tuna + atlantic, true, and ling cod + catfish + flounder + grouper + mahi mahi + rainbow trout + sole + (atlantic) salmon + swordfish

Source: Eat the Seasons

And a couple of great links, with maps, charts, and interactive resources, to keep yourself, and those you love, eating well:

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