sunday supper inspired by chef virginia willis

sunday supper
notes from maggie's farm

Sunday supper is a favorite ritual around our home.  The most peaceful time of the week...the winding down, the mental preparation for the week ahead.  The two of us can be found working together in the kitchen, sometimes sharing a glass of wine, with favorite music in the background, preparing a light meal that celebrates the finest of life.  It's a special time, so rare that we both find ourselves at rest--not working, studying, harvesting, farmering, running errands.  A window of the week so fine it may just catch us dancing in the kitchen between dishes.  No wonder Sunday evening is my favorite time of the week.

Our meal may be inspired by the freshest of what we've harvested over the weekend.  Maybe something we've picked up at the farmers market.  Perhaps it is built around some local artisan meat or new cheese or other goodie we've found.  Today, we're inspired by Chef Virginia Willis, and our visit to this weekend's Texas Book Festival.  Chef Willis was a featured speaker in the Cooking Tent, sponsored by Central Market, and she whipped up a delicious meal.  More than that, she brought a warmth and enthusiasm to the task that made her feel like an old friend, and you an accomplished and capable cook.  We look forward to sharing more about her visit, her newest jewel of a cookbook, Basic to Brilliant, Y'all, and the details of the meal she's inspired--

Baked Camembert and Garlic Toasts with french butter pears and Scallion Marmalade

Mixed Field Greens with fresh herbs, mushroom, pancetta, and pear, dressed with Shallot Vinaigrette

as Virginia would say, 

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