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You think it may never get here, tomato season, and surely you'll be relegated to eating sub-par, mealy grocery-store tomatoes forEVER.  And then it happens.  ALL AT ONCE.  You have homegrown tomatoes and your neighbors have homegrown tomatoes and the farmers market has homegrown tomatoes and even, on vacation, THOSE farmers markets have homegrown tomatoes.


And you hoard them.  From every source.  You'll never forget the days you were without, and so much like children of the Great Depression hid cash under their mattresses, you, okay, I, grab every imperfectly perfect homegrown tomato available.  You (okay, I) eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You (yes, I) preserve them whole, in relishes, in fresh salsas, and still have a few that languish past their 'best by' dates.  

That's when you grab them up before they go south, core them, halve them, season them, and roast them.  

It's really that easy.  

Core, halve, and seed tomatoes.  Paste tomatoes, like plum or San Marzano work beautifully, however any tomatoes will do. For this batch, I've used every tomato inching towards 'past its prime' that I had, gently squeezing, or scooping seeds out with a spoon.

Season to your heart's content.  I've used kosher salt, smoked black pepper, and a little bit of rosemary on this batch, however the options are endless--use your favorites, or whatever is handy in your cupboards.

Drizzle with your best olive oil.  Extra-virgin is good.  Pure olive oil is great, too.

I've added a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, too.  You can use any favorite vinegar, or none at all, if you prefer.

Roast in a 450 degree, preheated oven, on a parchment- (or foil, or silicone mat) lined baking sheet, until as browned as you desire. Tomato varieties and thicknesses will cause variations in cooking times.  My tomatoes were a bit plump, and took 40 minutes to roast before I spied the caramelization and roasted edges I was after.And the results are rich, concentrated tomato flavor perfect as a bruschetta topping, tossed with pasta, as a spectacular side dish (which we'll visit later this week), dressing up old-standbys (which we'll do next week, on Tips for Tuesdays) or, very simply, eating alone, before you have time to even get the pictures taken.  They're so good.  And so easy.  Give them a try.

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What are your favorite ways of enjoying the summer's crown jewel?


  1. Replies
    1. I am ready! ;) We do need to plan a date for cocktails!

  2. Ahh. It's almost the winter solstice here in Australia. Look at those beautiful tomatoes! Yum :)

    1. Hi Sue, and welcome! When will you guys get tomatoes? And what is in season where you live?

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Oh, tomatoes aren't in season for months and months yet, here. About half a year, really! What is in season at the moment (though I'm not growing any of my own ... yet) are the beautiful veggies like pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, potatoes. All them yummy root veggies :)

    3. Looks like our seasons are almost exactly half a year off. Sure wish I could grow broccoli and cauliflower without our chickens eating it all!

  3. Those look really good. Now I'm HUNGRY!

    1. Well you have the whole load right in your lunch bag, there.

    2. Oh, that's right! OK, gotta go.

    3. hahaha....hope you enjoyed them.

  4. Drool! You have me wanting tomatoes at 5:30 am today... Your photos look amazing as always.

    1. Hi, Winnie! Gosh, with those beautiful tomatoes, photographing is a cinch! lol It's not the photographer, here, but the photographed!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  5. You just made my mouth water!! YUM!


    1. Thank you, Kathy! They are so darned easy. I love that!

      Thank you for dropping by today!


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