Thirsty Thursday
Super Bowl Special
The Healer

Well,now.  GO TEAM.

Except that my team has already gone. Home.

And the team that beat them is going to the Big Game.

Roughly half (I'm not an odds maker, but neither of the teams are the most reviled, or the most revered.  Just good teams, with loyal followings.) of the millions with eyes on the set this Sunday will be really, really happy. Those people need margaritas. Something fruity. Maybe something with a celebratory umbrella or football pick.

Those of us not so, um, cheerful, well, we'll need a little less elation.  A little less joy. A lot less confetti.

We're going to need some healin'.  And with whom better to lick our wounds than blues extraordinaire, John Lee Hooker?  Never has one made grieving so, well, cool.

I'm going to be pulling out that shiny new bottle of Texas Honey Liqueur, and drowning my sorrows in some strong, spiked coffee.  Like John Lee Hooker  would.  Cheers!

Or not.

The Healer
Drink up.

2 sprigs fresh mint, plus more for garnish
2 ounces decent bourbon
1 ounce honey liqueur
1 ounce coffee, brewed strongly (2T grinds per cup of water)
1 ounce cream

Lightly muddle the mint in the shaker. Add the bourbon, honey liqueur, coffee, cream, and ice. Shake for 5 seconds and pour into a Collins glass, (number 10, in the image, below), filled with crushed ice. Garnish with tall sprigs of fresh mint.

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  1. Dang! This is some jammin blues!

  2. Some of the healing power of honey liqueur is always a good thing too.

  3. I'll go with that! Maybe knock out a cough while you're sipping?


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