Tips for Tuesday
Handling the Habanero

Behold the much-maligned Habanero pepper! 

Unabated, its assertive heat can be too much to handle, but with a little cautious prep work, the unique flavor profile of the Habanero can be enjoyed without the pain usually associated with this bright and robust chile pepper. 

  • Wash pepper, and cautiously slice in half lengthwise. (You may consider wearing gloves if your skin is sensitive to capsaicin, the active ingredient in peppers.) 
  • With a sharp, small, paring blade, remove seeds, and white pith along the interior ribs of each half.  
  • Slice into lengthwise strips, and then slice across strips, yielding a mince that enhances, yet does not overpower. 
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  1. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Good tips for me. Sometimes I get a little crazy with the peppers :-)


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