today, i'm dancing in the kitchen

days of gratitude
notes from maggie's farm

I'm starting with pear cakes.
Today, I'm grateful for socks on the wood floor.

then, the savory black pepper cheese shortbread biscuits.
What?!?, you may think to yourself.

I'm going to give these royal raspberry bars a go.
No, really.  It's all about the socks on the wood floor.

As I mentioned, I'll be tackling macarons

What does that have to do with baking, you ask?

and ending the day on an easy, and such a pretty note
with lemon meringues.

It has everything to do with baking, my friend.  

Because while I bake, socks, on the wood floor, make it much easier to do this:

The most fabulous, Mr. Hugh Grant, in Love, Actually.

until I'm busted.

Feel like baking along with me?  Follow the links below each picture to find the recipes I'm using.  

Wanna dance, too?  Well, get out your socks, friends!


  1. I don't know how many times I've seen that clip but it makes me laugh every time.

  2. This is my favorite scene in the movies. I never seem to get tired of it. Socks on a wood floor is a good thing:) Have fun baking. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  3. Hugh Grant is so darned funny. I just love him.

    I'm beginning the cheddar wafers now--thanks for the support!

  4. Socks on a wooden floor--happening at this very moment. Love the photos; I make a similar savory shortbread busuit. :) The lemon meringues looks gorgeous and so elegant--I intend to try them. Finally LOVE ACTUALLY is my all-time favorite film during the holidays and any day. That scene with Hugh Grant is the best. Such a terrific expression of unselfconscious joy. So you and I need to do an interveiw sometime. Whatcha think?

  5. Hi Cecilia, I hope you're feeling better today, or at least getting plenty of rest in order to stave off that sneaky cold that's trying to catch you. I'm off to get a better tip for my pastry bag for those meringues--I have high hopes for them. The one I used wasn't right, so the cookies weren't as pretty, but they tasted divine! I could go on and on about Love, Actually. I'm just smitten with each and every character (except the skanky secretary...hahaha How dare she try to snatch Emma Thompson's man? EMMA THOMPSON for heaven's sake!) and I've watched it so many times I actually say much of the script along with them. Which I'm sure is quite irritating to anyone who watches with me. So I watch it alone, often, and throw care to the
    I would love to do an interview with you and I'm flat out honored and you've made my day.


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