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(almost) wordless wednesday
notes from maggie's farm

Today, we are grateful for the hard work of our beloved goats, Willie and Sheba.  Rest in grass-grazing peace, sweet helpers.

Bright and beautiful to us, you were also gentle and gracious, and exceptionally fine grass-groomers. You gave us laughs, devotion, baby goats and delicious milk.  We appreciate the lessons you taught these fledgling farmers.  You will always be remembered gratefully, and with affection.  

Thank you for all you gave for your farm.


  1. Thank you, Larissa. We appreciate their service, and hope that the offspring they left is as sweet as they were.

  2. Thank you, Steph. Life cycles on the farm teach me that all life is precious.

  3. I'm with Steph - lovin the post and the song. May you enjoy the wonderful memories.

  4. Thank you, Staci. The song was a special find and helped to temper the sadness as I was working on this. Music surely is a magical medicine, isn't it? --Are you keeping warm way up North?


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