evening carols: 30 days of gratitude

evening carols: 30 days of gratitude
notes from maggie's farm

Today begins 30 Days of Gratitude, sponsored by fellow Austin Food Blogger Alliance member, Jote, at bless her heart.  In conjunction with our Evening Carols in the month of December, we'll be playing along, sharing all that for which we are grateful, both big and small. 

Today, I'm grateful for the internet!  I've always marveled that personal access to the internet is like having all the worlds' libraries and archives in one's very own home.  Specifically, today's reason for world wide web gratitude is nostalgia.  I'm thankful for the seemingly unending sources for ways to connect with those things that have made this season special for me, for years.  

I begin by sharing screenshots from the sweet Little Drummer Boy cartoon I watched as a child, and then with my own children, and now cuddled up with my sweet puppy, (and perhaps waiting for grandchildren to watch it with one day.  Meanwhile, I'd love to borrow yours, if I may.)  Along with those, my favorite Christmas tune:  Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth.  This collaboration by, of all people, Bing Crosby and David Bowie makes me feel warm all over.  When I get all bah humbug-ish, it's a surefire cure that promises to infuse my weary bones with holiday cheer.  

Would you like to play along?  What are you grateful for today?, this season? this year? this life?  Hop on over to Jote's blog post, at blessherheart.com, and be inspired to share your thoughts.  We'd love to have you comment on our blog, too.  Sharing gratitude makes it grow exponentially.  Let's support one another in gratitude this season.

Does this mean we won't be blogging about food?!  Bah!!  No way we're leaving delicious food out of the mix.  We'll start a weekend of pizza parties tomorrow, with a basic bread dough pizza crust as the base for many creative applications to will feed your family, or a party, or be a great take-to for any seasonal occasion.  We love pizza!


  1. The first time I heard Andy Williams sing "Do you hear what I hear" on his Christmas special, I declared not only that I would marry Andy some day but that song would be my favorite Christmas song. Still is, though I also love "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" "Mary did you know" Come to think about it -not sure there are any Christmas songs I don't find joy with or laugh and sing along with. Your correct about the internet, without it we would not be having this nostalgic moment so I am grateful for it as well as you.

  2. haha! I'm not sure if it's our common generation or just tastes that are so similar, but I have Andy's version scheduled for a post! and Mary did you know is Saturday night's version. lol


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