tips for tuesday: consider the oyster

"You have to proceed with confidence and make carnality an asset. Think like a predator. Grab the shell, raise it to your lips, tilt your head back, slurp the oyster in, and give a few chews to release full flavor. The little cocktail forks are a disaster; save them for the Vienna sausages." 

--Rowan Jacobsen
Food Writer and Oyster Expert

Y'all, it's oyster season.  

There should be a song.  A parade.  A Lifetime movie.  

The folks in Amite, Louisiana know this, and they throw a big party for this belle of the seafood ball in March, every year. C'est Ci Bon!

Oyster Season should be as big as baseball season.  

Oh, how I love oysters!

But oysters can be a little tricky for the home cook. Luckily, we have help.

Below, find links to tips from the pros, all over. And don't be shy-- roll up your sleeves, take the proper safety precautions, and master that shell.  

You'll be shucking and slurping in no time.

Not a fan of the oyster in it's raw state?  We'll be cooking up a storm of these babies during the season, so please drop back by for Shrimp and Oyster Mirliton Dressing, Pesto-Topped Broiled Oysters, Tequila-soaked Oyster Shooters, and more, on Notes From Maggie's Farm.

What is your favorite way to enjoy this jewel of the ocean?


  1. Shucking and slurping..... YUM

  2. I've only had oysters a few times but I would definitely go for the tequila soaked oyster shooter!

    1. Tequila-soaked anything sounds pretty darned fabulous, huh? lol


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