(almost) wordless wednesday
a vintage mardi gras

 Let's go down to the Mardi Gras...

Mardi Gras is coming 'round next week, and we're parading, and feasting, like nobody's business. You're invited! Join us as we share all of the revelry from maggie's farm.


  1. Wonderful graphics and music. Looking forward to some Cajun food:)

  2. I just can't resist the music, guys! lol From the first notes, it makes me want to parade around the kitchen. @Steph, we'll be doing it up right--got big plans for the next few posts leading up to Fat Tuesday. My favorite time of the year!

  3. Love the vintage collage of pics. Makes me want to jump right in and start marching. Some day I hope to get to New Orleans and then finally I will get to taste,smell,hear and see all that I have heard of for years.

  4. Girl, we have to take a road trip! It's one of my favorite places in the whole world. (Well, I've not been to that many places....lol)


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