Classes & Events | August 2017 | Maggie Perkins

Geeze it's HOT out there. August brings some scorchers, so beat the heat and bring your recreation inside with me as we learn new skills and polish off some old ones, and preserve the last gasps of the garden. Below, find classes and events for Maggie of From Maggie's Farm for the month of August. Click on the Ticket & Info links for more information. You can also find this information at the Classes & Events link in the navigation bar. And even when I fall behind on the fancy listings (because the cooking comes before the blogging part, a LOT), you can always see what I'm up to on the Google calendar below, and also on the Classes & Events page. 

Keep it cool, my friends!

Learn to Bake Bread
August 9, 2017--Tickets & Info
August 22, 2017 -- Tickets & Info

Home Cheesemaking 101 | Ricotta
August 10, 2017-- Tickets & Info

Mezze: Small Plates from Greece to the Middle East
August 11, 2017-- Tickets & Info

Home Breadmaking | No Knead Caraway Rye
August 15, 2017-- Tickets & Info

Home Cheesemaking 201 | Mild Feta Cheese
August 17, 2017-- Tickets & Info

Spanish Tapas: Healthy Wholesome Spanish Snacks and Appetizers
August 18, 2017-- Tickets & Info

Texas Farmers' Markets Seasonal Best series
TFM at Lakeline August 5, 2017-- Info
TFM at Mueller  August 6, 2017-- Info
TFM at Lakeline August 19, 2017-- Info
TFM at Mueller August 20, 2017-- Info

Canning 101 | Water Bath Canning and Pickled Summer Vegetables for Antipasti
August 23, 2017-- Tickets & Info

Home Cheesemaking 201 | Herbed Cheese Logs
August 24, 2017-- Tickets & Info

Beginnning Pasta-making: Ravioli | Herbed Cheese Ravioli with Summer Sauce
August 25, 2017-- Tickets & Info

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