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A simple way to load your dishes with loads of flavor, infused oils are easy, and fun, to make. 

For this rosemary orange infused olive oil, we've used fresh rosemary, which has been washed, and allowed to air dry, and a long curl of orange peel, with white pith removed.  Combine in an oven-proof bowl of pure olive oil, and heat slowly in a 250 degree oven for 2 hours, or until the aromas of rosemary and orange heavenly ensconce your entire kitchen, and beyond.  Remove oil and allow to cool slightly, still warm, but able to handle safely.  Discard herbs and orange peel.  Load fresh herbs and peel (which have been well-washed and allowed to air dry) in bottle of your choice.  Pour oil over herbs in bottle.  Allow to cool further to room temperature.  Refrigerate.  Remove from refrigerator 30 minutes prior to using, as olive oil will harden when chilled.  Use within 7-10 days.

Infused oils are safe, too, if you follow just a few guidelines.  

Refrigerate after opening.  Why?  Botulism.  Botulism can flourish in any anaerobic condition, and introducing moisture to oil makes for a friendly environment for bacteria.  In other words, infused oils are perishable and must be refrigerated. Use any oils that have water-based ingredients (like garlic,ginger, citrus peels, etc...) within a week.  While there are methods and ingredients that will prolong the life of oils infused with dry ingredients, (such as herbs, alone) lasting far beyond, and some suggest almost indefinitely, if refrigerated, to be on the safe side, we recommend making small amounts, and using within four weeks.

I, too, have seen those lovely pictures of herbal concoctions all lined up upon a windowsill with the sun's rays illuminating them from behind.  So pretty, and so not edible.  All infused oils should be refrigerated unless used for decorative purposes, only.  

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Coming this spring, from maggie's farm will offer herb-infused oils and vinegars.  More news, soon!


  1. You had me at Rosemary Orange. It looks so pretty. I haven't made herb infused oils in a while. Might have to try it again.

  2. I really do like that flavor combo, too! I made lemon thyme peppercorn today, and I'll let you know how that turns out in a few days. It's kind of like child play ; )

  3. I really like the combination of rosemary and orange, however heating olive oil (and most other oils) not only destroys its nutrients but also oxidizes it and produces free radicals, so for health reasons I'd advice first drying orange peel and rosemary (to speed up the process it can be done in the oven on very low temperature) and then preparing a cold infusion, leaving the ingredients in a jar in a dark place for couple of weeks, shaking occasionally to aid mixing of oils.
    If you still prefer the hot infusion method (it is sure much faster!) you can as well use cheapper olive oil, as heating destroys all the properties that we pay for buying cold pressed virgin oil.

  4. Laurie Thompson11 December, 2015

    I've just made a batch of rosemary orange infused olive oil to give as Christmas presents. Christmas is about two weeks away, so by when should I tell my recipients to use it? I'm reading conflicting information, everything from 7 - 10 days to several months. I used dried rosemary and orange zest, warmed it stovetop and then bottled it with a few sprigs of dried rosemary in the bottle.

    1. Hi Laurie and thanks for writing. Your heat-infused oil will be ready by gift-giving time. I'd recommend refrigerating it after a few days of infusion, and advising your recipients to refrigerate it also, as olive oil goes rancid even before you can smell or taste it, outside of refrigeration. (It has about a 3 month shelf life, however that includes it's time on grocer's shelves, which can vary wildly.) To use, just run the bottle under a warm tap stream until enough has liquified to pour.

      Handmade gifts are THE BEST gifts. I wish I was on your list!

      Merry Christmas!


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