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The brightest display in this month's produce department, sunny citrus is salve for January's dreariest of days.  

Each year, my parents gift me with loads of delicious Texas Navel Oranges and Ruby and Rio Red Grapefruit.  It's just one of the best traditions of the winter, I think!  The lion's share of this will be made into our Blue Ribbon Citrus Marmalade.  (No, really!  It won a blue ribbon.  In fact it won the Best in Show in it's first outing.) And that still leaves us plenty for enjoying many different ways this month.  In the next few weeks we'll share recipes for:

Rosemary Orange Infused Olive Oil
Citrus Julius'
Citrus Sesame Dressing over Orange and Walnut Arugula Salad
Orange Broccoli and Beef with Peppers
Citrus Blossom Cocktail
Broiled Grapefruit with Homemade Cottage Cheese, 
and Maple Orange Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Toasted Almonds

Today, all the information you ever dreamed you'd need about (almost)  every kind of citrus available.  Follow the links below for scads of information about usage, availability, nutrition and more, provided by the citrus-savvy folks at Produce Oasis

Citrus Fruit Varieties from A - Z

And please stop by and see us tomorrow when we'll be sharing our collection of beautiful vintage fruit crate labels, on Wordless Wednesday.  Have a great day!

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