Guest Post: Meatless Mondays
Readers' Favorites on Notes From Maggie's Farm

You may have heard, or seen, me mention my talented blogging buddy, Lisa Rawlinson of Full and Content.  We've had the pleasure of sharing our admiration for the mostly-local BBQ scene for the City Guide 2013, produced by the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, of which we are both active members.  Lisa's work, exhaustive in scope and detail, covers Austin Barbecue, in town, and can be found here.  You may recall our big BBQ pilgrimage east of Austin, which can be found here.  And today's post, in honor of Meatless Monday, can be found here.

But we girls, we just can't live on meat alone.  And if Lisa's like me, my meatier assignments are usually, and necessarily, followed by weeks of meatless meals.  We celebrate this trend on this blog by sharing our favorites on many, many, Meatless Mondays.

How flattered I was, then, when Lisa asked me to share our readers' Meatless Monday favorites in a guest post.  (and how patient she has been as she's waited for my post!  This move has perhaps been the longest and most demanding relocation in history.  But more, later in the week.).  There have been quite a few recipes that seemed to encourage many of you to hang up your carnivorous habits, if at least for a day, and the following have become the five standout recipes you, (and me, too!), return to again and again.

Follow the links below each snapshot to find recipes for our favorites.  Perhaps you'll find a new approach to Meatless Mondays, too.  Enjoy!

Thanks, again, to Lisa of Full and Content, for the invitation to guest blog on her always impressive site.  Please stop in, often, and see what she's up to--always interesting, informative, and completely and utterly hip, this girl, and I know you'll enjoy her work over and over.

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