citrus woodland potpourri

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Prep Work

In a large mixing bowl, 

layer each ingredient, tossing

and adding 10 drops of essential oil between components.

Combine with fragrance fixative, 

                  and enjoy your handiwork!

Won't these make thoughtful hostess gifts --both useful and beautiful, and easy on the pocketbook, too.  Have fun putting your individual touch on this project by varying ingredients, fragrances, and herbs and spices to create a signature scent for your own home, and perhaps tie a pretty little ribbon around a few extra bagsful, because your guests will likely clamor for a little aromatic package, themselves.


  1. Not only does this look beautiful, I'm sure it smells amazing!!

  2. gorgeous...ditto on the smell, i can never get enough citrus in perfume, soaps, juice, ya name it

  3. Thanks, friends! I must admit it smells divine in here, today!

  4. Gorgeous! What a great idea- love the use of the beautiful soup tureen.

  5. I stay on the lookout for tureens and bowls like these that have lost their lid matches, or perhaps have a chip or something that would make them 'ineligible' for use with food, (read that to mean CHEAPER) and use them for plants, flowers or potpourri around the house. Guess that's called 'shabby chic' these days. (But really, I'm just cheap.) Thank you!


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