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that takes the cake!

That Takes the Cake Sugar Art Show and Competition, presented for the 9th year by Capital Confectioners, takes place this weekend in Austin, and if you're even the least bit curious, take a drive up North and take a gander at the absolute artistry of cake and confection makers from beginner to professional.

I was given the opportunity to be a tasting judge for the second year, and I JUMPED AT THE CHANCE.  I was honored to join some of my favorite local food industry leaders in the consideration of some stiff competition.  See how we sacrifice for our community?

Yes, there are some delicious treats to eat, there are some neat goodies for sale, there are demos, there are classes.  All of that, but really.  Look at these cakes?  It's like a museum of sugar!  Just to see the handiwork of veritible sugar artisans, it's quite a treat.

And, perhaps, you'll create a budding artisan of your own.

That Takes the Cake Sugar Art Show and Competition 2013 continues throughout the the North Austin Event Center.


  1. Gorgeous cakes! Love the one with the passionflowers and butterfly. Looks like a neat event.

    1. I'm really not a sweets person, so it was somewhat of a challenge to get the judging right, but the cakes are soooo gorgeous! I just admire an artist's dedication to craft like that. You should come up for it next year!

  2. I love the passion flower one too, but I love them in real life! ;) Even that "basket work" (is that what you call it?!) frosting on the one in the top picture is gorgeous!

    1. One of my favorite flowers, too. Talk about some fancy floral handiwork! I guess that is what it's called...I love basket work. I thought it was carrots, and more than one person thought it was not food at, but it's a gorgeous cake.


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