in season: february
hope farmers market, austin

We've had spring-like weather most of the month of February, and it's been perfect for perusing the local farmers markets.
We hit the downtown area one Sunday afternoon for a stop at Hope Farmers Market, currently located on E5th and Waller, and scheduled to move to E5th and Comal, Austin, March 2013, where we found fresh, local fare, and the hipster/hippie, young/old, (several accompanied by the urban market accessory, de rigueur, ironic dogs,) were in full force, keeping Austin delightfully weird.
Along with food, both fresh and prepared, there was art, and artists, a yoga class, and gymnastics on the lawn.  Boho clothes, body products, and jewelry were available in stalls scattered about to adorn your inner flowerchild.
There was a lot of lounging about, too.  Soaking in the sun, and soaking up the vibe, no doubt. 

I came to dub the experience--
Love-In, with a side of Veggies.

The vendors at Hope Farmers Market are the most hospitable lot I've come across in a while.  Friendly, helpful, no-pressure conversation with producer/craftsman/artisans who are truly passionate about their product, they are as easygoing as the Market, itself, and more than hold up their end of the feel-good bargain.

The Seedling Truck and Flour Bakery.
The market runs 11-3pm, but you might want to get there early, as demand often outlasts supply.
Bringing together the community to support farmers and small businesses, increase access to healthy food, and celebrate local culture in East Austin.
HOPE Farmers Market is the longest operating Sunday market in Austin, featuring a family of farmers, food artisans and artists from all around Central Texas. The market is a weekly showcase: inviting the community to come together in supporting a growing local food system and celebrating East Austin culture through live music and educational programming. HOPE FM encourages vendor-to-vendor collaboration and mentorship, and also provides resources and opportunities to help grow these small businesses and lay the foundation for the development of a vibrant local economy.
Now accepting EBT/SNAP and WIC benefits – find out more at the HOPE Farm Stand.
Johnson's Backyard Garden
Vegetables in season for February
asparagus + beets + broccoli + broccolini + brussels sprouts + butternut squash + cabbage + carrots + cauliflower + celery + celery root+ chard + collard greens + fennel + garlic + kohlrabi + leeks + mushrooms + parsnips  + potatoes + pumpkin + rutabagas + salsify + spinach + sunchokes + turnips 
grapefruit + kiwi fruit + oranges + tamarillo + ugli fruit

clams + crabs + mussels + oysters + scallops

The Seedling Truck Pantry
And a couple of great links, with maps, charts, and interactive resources, to keep yourself, and those you love, eating well:


  1. Your pictures always look fabulous!

    1. Thank you! It was a little overkill, but there was just so much to SEE.

  2. Yummy! I've been to HOPE for events other than the farmer's market, now I really need to check it out...I love your pics! (I'm a fan of Johnson's Backyard Garden!) I love your blog, it was lovely to meet you in person...can't wait to see how you use the plates and bottles you picked up at Anthropologie!

    1. What a pleasure to have you drop by! I had so much fun shopping for goodies at Anthropolgie. Thank you for being so helpful.

      Don't you LOVE Johnson's Backyard Garden?! Can't believe their production and quality given the struggles of organic farming in Texas. (OH, the BUGS!)

      Thank you for your kind compliments about the blog. That is great motivation!


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