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I am oh, so thankful for pretty wrapping.

My special mother (she says 'stepmonster' but that's just not right.  about her, anyway.) always goes all out on our packages.  They are shiny and sparkly and beautiful and make me feel as excited as a little kid on Christmas.  I always want the one with the prettiest paper.  

I know they say that the gift is not in the wrapping, but oh, that's not true.  A gift, a true gift, is one to which a person has given personal attention to detail.  A lovingly wrapped package is a gift in and of itself, no matter what's inside.  Well, you'll see what I mean:  

tis the work of a moment!
Perhaps you'll be inspired by the pretty packages I found all around the interwebs: 


heather bullard



and if you need a little more motivation, how about that dreamy voice of Chris Isaak's?

pretty paper by margaret christine perkins on Grooveshark

Here's hoping you get the personal attention to detail you deserve.


  1. Ohh My! My mom is master wrapper too. She even worked one Christmas in the wrapping department of a department store because she thought that had to be the best Christmas job in the world. Her gifts always stand out under the tree thanks for reminding me about that.

  2. My father is the gift wrapping ninja. He would wrap all the gifts quickly and they would be perfect:)

  3. I am with your mother on that! What a fantastic holiday job. When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of getting one of those store-wrapped packages with the 'goodies' on them. Didn't care what was inside.

    Steph-My stepfather was also the wrapper in that household. They were't fancy, but they were absolutely perfectly wrapped. No uneven ends, no gaps, no puckers, no uneven seams.

    The first Christmas I spent as a wife, many years ago, was quite a shock. That fella wrapped presents as if they were dead animal carcasses--hefty bags and duct tape. All two of them. I should have seen the writing on the wall. Or the packages. All two of them.

  4. I love that clip! And I also love gift wraps ... Makes me giddy with excitement! Now I'm inspired .... Thank you for that, I was getting super tired already ...

  5. Oh, me too, Larissa! I needed the inspiration as much as the need to share it. lol. My Jerre really does wrap the most beautiful packages--I'm afraid mine don't look as lovely, but still I try!

  6. I love the first picture and also the furoshiki...

  7. I love the whole furoshiki thing! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Hope your holidays are going great!


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