evening carols and days of gratitude: celebrate me home

evening carols and days of gratitude
notes from maggie's farm

This evening, curled up with my favorite furry friends, I am grateful for their sweet puppy rambunctious greetings as they celebrate me home. 

They greet me upon each return to our home as if they haven't seen me in ages.  As if they weren't sure I'd make it back.  As if I were the best person in the entire world.

Sometimes I think dogs see humans as God sees us.  As if we have no fault.  Our sins, forgiven.  Any stain from yesterday (like stealing all the covers, getting the yucky dog food because it was on sale, or missing a pat on the head) is wiped clean.  

I know we all aren't dog people.  I can't even imagine that, but I respect our differences. Maybe your welcome home ambassador is a cat.  (we have those, too.) A bird. (yep, if chickens and ducks count.)  A very affectionate plant. (a field of collard greens?)  Maybe your fish seem really excited when you walk in the room. (but aren't you kind of just imagining that?  I don't mean to discount the fishdom, but really?)

Maybe children wrap there arms around you the same way my Molly does.  Perhaps it's your partner.  Humans are for another evening's post.  

Tonight it's all about the dogs. 

I adore you guys.

Wherever you find yourself tonight, I hope you are enthusiastically celebrated home.


  1. Oh I just love how you said "Sometimes I think dogs see humans as God sees us. " What a lovely thought! I'm so going to think of it that way with my furry friends from now on. Curious does Rudy have any catahoula in him?

  2. Thank you sweetheart. I think it helps me understand how God sees me as much as how my pets see me. Less the punisher of my childhood sunday school class, more the adorer of a proud and loving parent, no matter who we are, or what we do. Well, there I go preaching, huh? lol
    Rudy is half German Shepherd, half Catahoula Curr. He is a year old, and was "inherited" around Christmas last year, hence the name, Rudy. He is sweet, smart, well-behaved, and most protective of his Mama. Good eye, girl!

  3. Never have to worry about "preaching" to me I get :) I thought I noticed some catahoula in Rudy! I had never heard of catahoulas until ours rescued us and we had to start learning about them. Such smart inquisitive dogs!


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