there's no place like......

evening carols
notes from maggie's farm

Tonight, I am grateful for baking day at home.

An entire day!!  I'm not going to go anywhere at all.  I've arranged a no obligation day.  I'm beginning with these beautiful jewels.  

It's a first time for macarons, so it may just be the way I end the day, too. And that will be just fine.  But, I really do have bigger plans. These lovely, melancholy carols in the background.  Flour and sugar dusting every surface.

Big plans that include staying home.  All day.  Because you know what they say.  
There's really no place like......

Wishing you a peaceful, cozy day.


  1. Are you making homemade macarons? If so, please let us know how they turn out. I absolutely love these little gems but am intimidated by the thought of making them. :) Happy baking day!

  2. I am giving it my best shot. I'll keep you posted, literally . I'll snap some photos. Wish me luck!

  3. I was afraid at first too-But like all recipes I fear, I check out other bloggers because usually they have done the recipe and a good blogger will always tell the "truth" about what works and what does not. After reading several posts on Macarons I gave it a shot and was surprised how good they came out. I have absolutely NO doubt yours will be beautiful! Enjoy your evening, Missed you a bunch tonight.

  4. I missed you all, too, so much! And I'm just about to tackle the macarons--thanks for the encouragement!


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