i am grateful for silent nights

the eve of christmas day 
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I am grateful for silent nights.

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I'm  not sure if it's 'maturity' or if it's just the din of the holidays these days, but I find the moments most precious are those at the end of this day.  The quiet.  Silent nights.  Now, as we hunker down in our warm sweats, absorbed in a new book, a new toy, enjoying new music.  (Dear Peter Gabriel, You've really outdone yourself with this new release.)

It's also the time that I'm most able to reflect upon the celebration of Christmas, and all for which I am so grateful.  I am grateful for delicious food and lively, kind, and occasionally raucous family and friends.  The joy and laughter shared with our church family as we celebrate Christmas today.  The quiet contentment my husband and I share celebrating peacefully tonight. 

I am grateful for a full life that is a gift.  The gift of a Savior is celebrated by sharing the gifts of a full life.  A Savior that is my reason for this season.  

Occasionally, there are people who are so gracious as to tell me that I'm 'gifted'.  I agree.  I am graciously gifted, we all are.  On this silent night, I am grateful for this great gift of life. 

I wish you great blessings this Christmas Day.


  1. And a very Merry Christmas to you-(silently said of course)

  2. lol...well not complete silence..lol. Merry Christmas to you sweet girl! You have been such a blessing this season.

  3. Merry Christmas! I love the quiet too. It is peaceful. :-)

  4. Hope you've had a lovely holiday, Angelia.


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