Kitchen Underground: Home Cheesemaking 101

You are a cheesemaker!

Sound impossible? Well it's not. It's absolutely within reach of beginning and experienced cooks alike.

In this beginning series, local food writer and market chef Maggie Perkins of Notes from Maggie's Farm will walk you through the processes of beginning cheesemaking. Learn the basic skills, tools, ingredients, and materials required to make cheese at home, and spend some hands-on time making your first batch in class-- a versatile homemade queso fresco you can use in dishes, spice up for parties, or hoard for yourself. We won't tell!

You'll taste handmade cheese, learn to make a refreshing, nutritious drink from whey, and take home a pound of homemade queso fresco, and a packet of recipes to keep your skills fresh.

Milk, and most supplies are provided.

When: Friday, January 29, 2016
6:00-8:00 pm

Where: Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery
121 Pickle Road, Suite #110

Spaces are limited. Grab your spot at Kitchen Underground.

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What to do with that leftover whey from Cheesemaking?  Whey ricotta is a great way to squeeze every bit of curd possible from raw milk. Directly after Cheesemaking, collect And bring 2-3 gallons of whey to a boil, remove from heat and gently stir in 1/2c vinegar (I used cider vinegar, here). Let stand about 5 minutes. Strain through a colander lined with butter muslin cloth. (Recollect that remaining whey for cooking, baking, drinking. Pets love it.) Tie muslin at 4 corners and squeeze curds gently before hanging to strain overnight. Midway through, clear the pores of the muslin by scraping the exterior with s spoon.  Next morning, crumble cheese into a bowl, adding salt and seasonings if desired. For a creamier consistency, whip curds in a blender.  This batch is getting salt, lemon zest, and minced chives.  Interested in learning more about #HomeCheesemaking? Join me, in conjunction with @kitchen_underground at @infinite_chimp Winery this Friday, January 29 for Home Cheesemaking 101, a beginners hands-on class where you'll learn to make, and bring home, your first pound of #quesofresco. Find out more and claim your (limited) spot at the link in my profile.  #austin360cooks #cheese #cheesemaking #diy #cookingclass #cookinginstructor #kitchenskills #homemaking #homekeeping #winery #austin #datenight #newskills #instafood #marketchef #youcandoit #whey
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