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Queue up for 'Cue at LA Barbecue

LA Barbecue “Cuisine Texicana”
Maggie Perkins, Notes from Maggie’s Farm

Queueing up for ‘cue is a uniquely Austin experience, but to get to my favorite barbecue in Austin, feel free to sleep in a bit and avoid the notorious line up the street in favor of a lighter, and just as enthusiastic crowd at this little smoker of a spot on the corner of Cesar Chavez.  

Now don’t wait too late as the word is out and barbecue aficionados, beginners, and out-of-towners, alike do line up before lunch, just not so early, for some of the best barbecue in Central Texas. You might even find yourself with a complimentary cold one in your hand as you chat with your fellow line mates.

Hanging out downtown? You’re just a walk away from mouthwatering ribs so tender the meat falls from the bone, brisket lovingly prepared by Pitmaster John Lewis (formerly of that spot up the road) yielding that sought-after bark and pretty as pink smoke ring, and smoked sausage, my favorite in town, made in house with a hint of coriander and the signature “crack” of a perfectly prepared link. Also serving smoked turkey, pulled pork, chopped beef, and both pork and beef ribs, with the usual, yet thoughtfully rendered sides. GQ Magazine recently named LA Barbecue one of the 25 Best New Restaurants in America. Don’t miss an opportunity to taste for yourself!

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