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Oysters out, Crawfish in at Dai Due

A favorite farm to table restaurant in Austin, Dai Due reports that oysters will last be served on April 1, with crawfish being offered soon thereafter. Also look for spring produce on the menu-- strawberries, artichokes, peas, asparagus, and spring onions. See more, below.

Oysters are winding down, and our last Wednesday for our Lavaca bay oysters before we transition to crawfish will be April 1st. This sad news is tempered by the knowledge that we have gorgeous Spring produce on the way in the form of artichokes and strawberries.  This week's oysters will be accompanied by slabs of grilled pork ribs, smoked until tender and then crisped over the oak fire.  

Frog's legs, which, sadly are hard to come by anymore, were a very welcome find last week, and it looks like we will see more this coming weekend.  Almost all of the frog's legs seen on menus these days herald from Southeast Asia, so we were very pleased to find a bunch from Anahuac, a boggy, swampy area of the northern Texas coast.

Asparagus made a very small showing last week - we were able to get our hands on exactly one bunch - but will be back in force in the next week or two, along with peas.  Celery root and rutabagas seem to be over, but the alliums are beginning their glorious ascension: wild onions are to be had to those hiking through low areas, baby leeks are here (soon to be adults) and the onions continue to get larger and sweeter.  Soon, the onions will be bulbing and perfect for slicing raw into salads.

Tilefish are inbound for Friday, along with flounder.

We seem to have been spared the worst of SXSW craziness - please call ahead to check on walk-ins this week.  There has been, to this point, surprising availability in the dining room.

See you at the shop.

2406 Manor Road

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