thank you!

honey, i'm home!
notes from maggie's farm

Returning to my 'blog home' after a week-long 'staycation' of gardening and mini-construction here on the farm, what a joy it is to find new faces! Thank you to our newest followers, for joining us!  We are so happy that you've stopped in, and seen fit to stick around.  You are a blessing!

To our old faithfuls, thank you, also, for sticking around.  Because of you, it has been a joy to share our journey, and you have given us the encouragement and support to continue on this path.  You are also a blessing!

Stay tuned for a week-long celebration of cool, easy Summer Salads, beginning with an artful, if unlikely, four-ingredient arrangement of Cauliflower Olive and Scallion Salad that's fast becoming a favorite.

See you later today!

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