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A bowlful of the best that summer has to offer, this bright and bountiful salad boasts the sweetness of fresh corn, the slight acidic tang of tomatoes from the vine, the cool creaminess of avocado and smooth goat feta cheese, dressed with a lively lime and basil informal vinaigrette.  It's a perfect light lunch, and complements summer's favorite mains like smoky meats, grilled seafood, or a simple bowl of grains and beans.  Easy to throw together, it's quite the crowd pleaser, as well.  Feel free to add or omit ingredients as your palate desires--a little cucumber, onion, sweet or hot peppers, or even the crisp crunch of jicama, would all fit quite nicely.  Not a fan of feta?  Any cheese will do, or none at all for our vegan friends. No basil on hand?  Cilantro, parsley, even mint would make happy companions for all those fresh flavors.  

It's summertime, and we don't really stand on ceremony for lovely little salads such as these.  That's their charm; simply throw together what you have, in the quantities on hand.  We've chopped a few medium red tomatoes, along with a healthy handful of these golden cherry babies, quartered. Lightly salt tomatoes and set aside.  Cut the pre-cooked corn from a cob or two of fresh corn. Add to the bowl.  Dice one or two avocados, and add to salad along with a sprinkling of 2-4 ounces of crumbled creamy goat feta cheese.  Chop a palm-sized handful of fresh basil, equal to 1-2 tablespoons, loosely packed, to taste.  Add the juice of a large lime, about 1 tablespoon, and 2 tablespoons of neutral-flavored oil, like the grapeseed oil we've used here.  Correct seasonings, and chill about an hour before serving.

Join us tomorrow for treats both sweet and savory-- an exotic twist on an all-american favorite, sweet juicy watermelon, in drink, as well as dish, on Thirsty Thursday, and then some. 

Have a delicious day!


  1. Man, you amaze me. How do you find the time to cook, take gorgeous photos, write and blog frequently?!


    1. You are just a big ole sweetheart! Thank you! I have a very supportive husband, and a lot of

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate your visit!


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