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We're beginning to harvest potatoes today.  The tops of the plants will begin to die back, and when that occurs, potatoes are waiting.  For more help on harvesting and storing potatoes, this video from Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm might help--

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For more of Jarrett's series, please visit Vegetable and Fruit Gardening Series, Jarrett Man.


  1. I did try to grow them once here on Long Island..We waited and waited and after they died back we took to them, and they were sooooo tiny..Golf ball or smaller size. So we used a shovel and banged them against it to see if they were a rock or a potato. It was hysterical... My late hubby was in stitches..We gathered them and cleaned them and roasted them with olive oil and salt and ate them all in one sitting..There were great, but I have visions of a crop.. Thanks Maggie for reminding me of this happy time. I ordered tomato and herb plants this year. Can't wait to grow something.

  2. Winnie, I can just see the two of you, much like my husband and I and the first year we farmed. There was much laughing at the ridiculous amount of work we spent on such small returns in some cases. In those situations, it was the laughter, together, that was the huge return, as I imagine you understand. I really appreciate the special memories you've shared.

    I can't wait to hear about your tomato and herb-growing. Two of my favorite things to grow, to be certain.


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