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I might not find myself in Kentucky this weekend, I might not be the gambling kind, I might not have a grand hat to rest upon my farming-weary head.  I may not have opera glasses with which to spy the goings-on in the crowd, as much as on the track.  But, darnit, I can drink a mint julep.  A few, in fact.  

Well, I just love mint.  That's all.
Image courtesy of Bon Appetite

Bon Appetite gets us started with the proper supplies.

5@5 - Mint juleps, five ways for Derby Day
Getty Images, courtesy of CNN.COM

Whether contemporary or classic, one can be assured there is a mint julep for your tastes.  CNN's Eatocracy, 5@5: Mint Juleps 5 Ways for Derby Day

mint julep
Getty Images, courtesy of CNN.COM

And, below, Sara Moulton and guest demonstrate the technique for a crowd: 

May the winds of fortune sail you, 
May you sail a gentle sea,
May it always be the other guy,
Who says, this drink's on me.

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  1. Beautiful images. I love mint... my mint in my garden is getting ready to enter the "relocation program" since it seems posed to take over the raised bed:) Might have to get me a big hat, make a mint julep, fake a Southern accent and pretend I'm at the Kentucky Derby.

  2. I've got a pot of mint about to do the same. I'm going to really put it to the test and transplant it into a no-plant-has-survived zone.

    I think I'll pretend right along with you!

  3. Love the pictures. I love mint. It's so refreshing.

    1. Thank you! Hope your horse won this weekend!


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