the lime in the coconut

thirsty thursday
notes from maggie's farm

©from maggie's farm 2011

put the lime in the coconut
and drink them both together
put the lime in the coconut
then you feel better
the lime in the coconut

©from maggie's farm 2011

you will need:
·      1 can coconut milk
·      ½ can rum
·      4 tablespoons palm sugar (agave nectar or brown sugar to taste, alternatively)
·      1 small key lime, quartered (1 small regular lime, alternatively)
·      1 small handful basil leaves
·      ice
·      mint garnish
·      lime slices for garnish

combine basil, lime, and palm sugar.  grind in blender until lime is ground fine, adding coconut milk a few ounces at a time to facilitate fine ground.  add remaining coconut milk, rum,  and blend well.  transfer to serving pitcher.  for each serving, blend 1 cup drink mix with ice, adding up to two cups, 1 cup at a time, until desired consistency is achieved.  bruise mint by rolling between your palms, and use for garnish alongside slice of lime.  slip in a straw, sit back, and say ahhhhhhhhhh.

©from maggie's farm 2011
yields one 48oz pitcher


  1. This looks ah-mazing. I can almost taste it. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. It's been a touch warm today. Looking forward to taking all 48oz with me and look at the stars.

  3. from maggie's farm05 August, 2011

    thank you, uncanny--i've enjoyed the entire pitcher this week...hahaha.
    Tom, what a refreshing way to look at the stars (since it will still be in the 90's until midnight, likely!)


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