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We're getting busy today, roasting our case of Hatch chiles, which are in stores now.  

Hatch chiles, grown in the valleys around the small town of Hatch, New Mexico, are 3-5 inch, bright green commas, mild, with a heat profile between the mildest bell pepper, and the more fiery jalapeno. Chiles that are left on the vine eventually turn red. They have a unique smoky, sweet flavor that complements the many sweet and savory preparations that boast them, especially popular this time of year.

Hatches are harvested for about four weeks, culminating in the Labor Day, Hatch Chile Festival, in New Mexico.  Read more about Hatch Chiles, the Hatch Chile Valley, and the Hatch Chile Festival, here.

Hatch chiles can be used fresh off the vine in any dish, but their unique flavor is especially complemented by roasting.  Below, a quick video teaching how to roast any type of pepper, in the oven, on a gas stovetop, or on the grill.

We'll be stirring up all types of Hatch later in the week, so be sure to check back in and see what we're up to.  Have a great week!

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  1. Yumm... Send some over, ok?

    1. With this heat, we could just pop 'em in the mail and let them roast on the mail truck!
      (thanks for dropping by!)

  2. Allow me to soapbox for just a moment, as my grandparents were farmers in Las Cruces, and NM green chiles were one of the things they grew! Technically, there is no such thing as a "Hatch chile" -- they are all varieties of NM green chiles, and they run at least 5 inches long, and average 5 - 8". Certain varieties are bred for their heat, others, like the Big Jim, for its length and thicker walls, so as to be good for making chile rellenos! Love your picture collage at the top!

    1. Hey there, ladybug, and thank you for taking us to Hatch school. Would it be alright if I corrected the post to reflect your personal knowledge that I didn't get from the research I did on my own? I'll give credit where credit is due, natch.
      Thanks for dropping by! Love learning more, and new things, all the time.

    2. Whatever you'd like to do! Also, here's a little more "soap" from my box, a blog post I did last year on the matter! I'll be in Las Cruces as of Tuesday and will be on the lookout for some green chile powder for ya! :)


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