thanks madbetty! (a day at the spa)

sweltering saturday
notes from maggie's farm

It was a scorcher that Austin afternoon, and I simply could not bear the thought of running errands in Friday-we've-got-to-get-anywhere-but-HERE-traffic. But I had a few hours to kill. And a gift card in my pocketbook!  

Called, secured an appointment, and was on my way to Mecca within an hour.  

A few weeks before, I'd won a gift card worth an hour plus massage from Madbetty.  I really needed it!  

I love Madbetty. 

Naturally, given the opportunity, (and being the total sucker that I am) I upgraded even further.  And the glass of Prosecco I was offered turned into 2, and another 14 bucks.  And while farmers don't always have the funds for such extravagance, my gift card meant that I had a little extra cash.  For drinks and a tip, and AROMATHERAPY.  So I succumbed to the charming receptionist's temptations.
He showed me the way to the dressing room, where I traded my civvies for a big fluffy robe and signature flipflops.  And then I peeked into all the nooks in crannies in this very well-appointed dressing room. 

You expected overalls, didn't you?  Well even farmers have going-to-the-city duds for just such occasions.

After two glasses of Prosecco, 80 minutes of massage, cedarwood, grapefruit, and lavender oils wafting through the room, and Zamfir-the-flute-player-going-at-it-with-crickets-and-frogs-next-to-the-creek coming from well-placed speakers, I was absolute putty.

I returned to the den of secrets, also known as the ladies dressing room, took a brief shower, then played Kim Kardashian in the mirror.  Yeah, no one else was there.  You know you'd have done it, too!

I have trouble with the duck lips thing.
Surely, I was in a dream state, looking back on it now.  

Because, if just for this one afternoon, instead of spitting and snorting and snarling in Austin traffic...

I blew kisses.




  1. Sounds like the perfect day for a farmstress. Love the Kardashian shots.

    1. It was a lot of fun to forget myself for a few hours..Must be how Kim feels.

      Thanks for stopping by my ladybug!

  2. How great! You deserve a little pampering! I have never done a spa, but after reading this I will have to look into it. I think manis and pedis are so relaxing, I bet this must be heaven (Prosecco to boot!) Love the pics! Kim has nothing on you! Hope you keep the relaxed feeling for quite awhile!

    1. Winnie, I think you should go to the spa! Maybe you can win an afternoon, like I did. I love to get the mani/pedi thing, too, and I'm making it a priority to get one every two months, whether I need it or not! lol
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Awesome! Glad you had fun! One day, when I grow up I'll go to a spa too. And definitely try the duck lips thing ... Hopefully I'll be as good at it as you .. so far I have had major trouble and issues with it...

    1. Larissa!
      Hey girl! Great to have you stop by. I think you should go to the spa, too! Surely you can outdo my Kardashian act...surely anyone can! lol I think my husband could do it better......

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