Welcome to #FoodDayBlogAlong!

We've been looking forward to this for weeks, and it's here!

Welcome to #FoodDayBlogAlong, in observance of Food Day 2012.

If you're a reader, you've likely stumbled upon this post because you have an interest in food, or farming, or food AND farming, and whatever the case, you're in luck. 'Cause it's not just me rattling on, today...it's fresh new voices, too! Voices like

  • Save Yourself From GMOs by Heather from Midnite Chef 
  • Come Join Our Food Day Blog-Along by Maggie at From Maggie's Farm 
  • What is Healthy? by Mary Helen from Mary Makes Dinner
  • Food Day: Farmers' Markets Aren't Enough from Meredith at Biscuits of Today 
  • Food Day 2012 / Amazing Apple Turnovers by Tom from Cheesecake for Breakfast 
  • Celebrate Food Day With a Real Meal by Tonya at The Quick Dish 
  • Vegan Bake Sale for SARA Animal Sanctuary by Heather from Midnite Chef 
  • National Food Day: Vital Farms Spotlight by In.gredients 
  • Fall Quinoa Pilaf by The Chickpea Chickadee  
  • Food Food Food! {Austin Food Photography} by Maki's Photography 
  • Food Day 2012 by Cathy and Gina from Forks Up 
  • Handing Down a Legacy of Eating by Mezzamay 
  • Food Day Celebration by Elizabeth from Eating Local in the Lou 
  • Food Day and Paleo by Brittanie from Three Diets One Dinner 
  • Food Day and Vegan(ish)ism by Chelsea from Oms and Honey 
  • Food Myth Busters Premiers! by Mary Makes Dinner
  • Happy #FoodDay2012 by Linda from Giggles Gobbles and Gulps 
  • The Ultimate Local, by Ashanti of Zen Eating
  • Food Day Celebration by Eating Local in the Lou   
  • In.Gredients: Austin's Premier Package-Free Microgrocer, by Notes From Maggie's Farm
  • and more!  Check back for posts from sharp and savvy bloggers posting all day long!

  • If you're a blogger, join Mary, of Mary Makes Dinner, fellow bloggers, above, and me, as we share your thoughts on all things food-related:
    • sustainability
    • conservation
    • food economy
    • 'clean' eating
    • food production and supply
    • affordable healthy eating
    • growing your own, 
    • and more. Much more!

    Need ideas?  Be sure to check out this post for a thorough list of conversation starters that Mary has put together.

    We'll be updating throughout the day and encourage you to join in the discussion by...
    • Publishing your Food Day post (or posts) on your own blog.
    • Leaving a link to your post in the comments on this post, or send the link to us via email, through the email button in the above right column. 
    • Also include links to your Twitter handle and Facebook blog page, if you have them. That will make it easier for us to promote you and your post.
    • Check out your fellow bloggers' posts, and perhaps leave a little note of encouragement in their comments section. A nice way to 'pay it forward' in honor of Food Day 2012!
    We'll publish a list of all posts on Mary Makes Dinner and on Notes From Maggie's Farm on Food Day, October 24, 2012. That's today!
    We'll also share your posts on our Food Day Pinterest Board, and on our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
    You can help promote the Food Day Blog Along using the hashtag #FoodDayBlogAlong on G+, Twitter, and Pinterest!
    We'll email each of you with the list of posts so that you can promote them too.

    And don't forget to check in with FoodDay.org, where the discussion goes nationwide, with resources and events that will inform, encourage, and empower you all day long, in their celebration of and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.


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