happy 100th, julia!

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Dear Julia,

Because that's what you'd have us call you, I imagine.  You came into our kitchens, and our lives, and our hearts, and made yourself at home.  Made us feel as if we were buddies, sitting around our kitchen table with a cup of coffee, perhaps seasoned with a little nip of brandy. All these generations of us.

You were called a 'late bloomer' but really, what you were, was an explorer.  An explorer who happened to find herself, at the end of her seeking, in a kitchen in France.  And boy, are we lucky you did.  From one 'late bloomer' to another, thank you for inspiring us all to follow our passion until we find ourselves right in the thick of it.

And thank you for being a bit awkward.  Somewhat gangly.  Not exactly an ingenue.  Because most of us aren't, either. We don't really look like the celebrity chefs of today. We mostly look pretty average, with some imagined flaw we'd like to hide, but we don't, because women like you, so few and far between, unapologetically embraced their uniqueness, and in so doing, helped us to do the same.  You taught us to shine from the inside.

Thank you for not taking yourself too seriously. Thank you for laughing at yourself. Thank you for making mistakes, and sharing them with the rest of us.  We make lots of mistakes, too. Even the best of cooks do.  You showed us that. And you make us feel absolutely normal when we do. Normal, and capable, still.

Thank you for embracing life, living, and loving fully, and sharing your passion for food.  You've raised up some knowledgeable cooks who wish they could invite you into their kitchen to show you what they've made of your instruction.  If you happen to be looking down on us, how about this roasted chicken I whipped up? The tarte aux poireaux et chevre?  The potage parmentier, the roti de porc .... or simply the finest eggs any breakfast ever boasted?  While it may be a tiny bit your fault that I can't button my jeans today, I can't hold it against you.  You taught me to eat well. And feed the people I love well. They thank you, too.

Happy Birthday,  Julia.


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  1. What a beautiful letter. :)

    1. Ah, thank you my friend! And thanks so much for stopping by today. Have a splendid afternoon!

  2. I could not have said this any better-Well done my friend well done.

    1. Wasn't it just GREAT that she was so fabulously and charmingly flaws-and-all human? (Thanks for all your kind words on FB, too!)

  3. I just started watching her show, one episode at a time online, and already I've learned so many little things. It's those little things that make a good cook great, and they are the sorts of things you pick up from friends who love to cook. Bravo, Julia!

    1. I couldn't agree more. She just shared the little tips that helped us all build our bank of skills. She is a great, humble teacher. Thanks for dropping by and celebrating with me!


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