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Sometimes, we get a little fancy around here.  We create dishes in our heads full of wild imaginings and a laundry list of ingredients.  We experiment with the newest "in" foods-- pork belly, braised ramps, blood orange vinaigrette.  We get crazy.  Crazy good, but crazy, still.

And then, as we're whipping these dreamy things up that require all of our skill, most of our time, and much of our money, we look out the back window and see what is the finest of all the food we enjoy.  A yard full of chickens who lay golden-yolked, beautiful treasures.  Eggs.

I could show you a hundred ways to cook eggs.  But why should I when I learned the basics from the two most revered chefs I know, and you can, too!?! When I want to know how to cook the basics perfectly, I start looking through my Mastering the Art of French Cooking, or The Art of Cooking for my favorite techniques.

I never met an egg I didn't like.  But I'm here to tell you until you've had scrambled eggs a la Julia Child, you haven't had scrambled eggs.  My childhood scrambled eggs (which my brother ate with ketchup, no lie) bore no resemblance to the silken treasure that are Julia's eggs.  I had no idea that they could melt in your mouth.  Who needs bacon or sausage or hashed browns?  A piece of lightly buttered toast and a saucerful of Julia's scrambled eggs are the most elegant and indulgent breakfast I can imagine.  

Enjoy these two masters.  Twentyish minutes that will change your egg-eating life.  (isn't Hulu amazing??)

Or perhaps boiled, or an omelet, or a fritata, or eggs benedict, or......


  1. Just lovely! Now I need to improve my egg technique.

  2. I just served my daughter french herbed scrambled eggs Friday morning. Her reply "Mom I would totally eat eggs every morning if they were soft and fluffy like this" Too this day my all time greatest comfort food is my husbands omelets-Not sure if it's because he makes them or not but I can tell you I NEVER turn one down. Great post! It's very true how we sometimes get caught up on the fancy food shopping list, when we have comfort right in our midst.

  3. Laura, I have been trying to perfect my one-handed cracking and breaking thingy that all the chef's seem to do so seamlessly. Without egg all over their hands, like I have when I do it!
    Kristina- What is it about men and eggs? Men really do very well with the egg, it seems. My husband can flip his omelet high in the air and have it land perfectly on its opposite side in the skillet. Quite impressive for a man who feigns culinary innocence more often than not.

  4. Agreed-Men do know there way around those little white orbs. I won't even attempt to say I can make a better omelet then the Man of our house. But he continues to say "it's all in the heart" verses "it's all in the wrist". Ya I'll add that to the 100's of reasons why I love that man!


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