meatless mondays

happy birthday, america
our hearts where they rocked our cradle,
our love where we spent our toil,
and our faith, and our hope, and our honor,
we pledge to our native soil.
God gave all men all earth to love,
but since our hearts are small,
ordained for each one spot should prove
beloved over all.
-rudyard kipling

perfect for a sophisticated picnic treat, celebratory cocktails with friends, pre- or post fireworks noshing, or a light snack after a day full of indulging, we hope you enjoy
strawberry balsamic black pepper preserves and goat paneer crostini


+from maggie's farm strawberry balsamic black pepper preserves
+from maggie's farm goat paneer (or your favorite goat cheese, or other semisoft cheese)
+crostini--recipe below

crostini , meaning 'little toasts' in italian, are great to have on hand and easy to prepare. they are commonly used as bar food in italy to aid with digestion and slow down the rate of intoxication. they are also used as the base for appetizers, for example grilled crostini with tomato and mozzarella, diced. they can be brushed with a whole garlic clove just after grilling or toasting, for bruschetta (pronounced broo-sketteh). they may also be floated upon soups, sometimes with toasted cheese, as a crouton. we like to slice day old baguettes and keep in a air tight container after toasting. we'll dice our freshest seasonal vegetables with a little cheese, some fresh herbs, and a simple vinaigrette , then pop them under the broiler for a few minutes for a quick meal any time of day.

slice baguette on the diagonal, as shown

drizzle slices with neutral flavored oil for this particular recipe, or olive oil for more savory toppings

brush to evenly cover edges. toast in 400 degree oven until lightly browned, turning once.
top with cheese while warm from the oven. (you can even broil lightly, until cheese is lightly toasted on edges.) top cheese with strawberry balsamic black pepper preserves.

perhaps you'd enjoy accompanying your crostini with this festive fourth of july cocktail, a
sweet cherry firecracker

with spiced cherry vodka. we'll talk about infused liquors tomorrow,
tips for tuesday, at notes from maggie's farm.

have a happy fourth!

strawberry balsamic black pepper preserves

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