Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide 2013
On the Outskirts of Town: Barbecue, East of Austin

Hi there! If you've found your way here looking for the skinny on Barbecue East of Austin, you're in luck! This guide has been updated!  Please stop by the newest incarnation, On the Outskirts of Town | Barbecue East of Austin 2016 #ATXBESTEATS City Guide for the latest on the greatest barbecue in the country, if we don't say so ourselves.

If you're itching to take a little road trip,
get out of the city for a bit,
maybe the traffic is getting you down,
If you're hungry for tradition,
from the pit, just skip the kitchen,
and meet me On the Outskirts of Town.

Friends, this central Texas barbecue might just inspire the poet in you, too. 'Cause even the worst of the 'cue, the very worst in a bad spot on a bad day, well it is pretty darned good.

And the best, well, it'll just make you sing.

Jeans and boots dress most the natives, as well as those hoping to look like one, but no one will give it a second thought if you decide on stretch pants. You will certainly not be the first.

We were joined one fine Saturday, east of Austin, by intrepid blogging buddies, Epicuriosities, MadBetty, Mary Makes Dinner (whose blog went vegetarian after this meat orgy. Coincidence?), and South Austin Foodie, (who made it to every stop that day, too), along with a few willing spouses. Their personal names have been redacted to protect the opinionated.  We set out to to revisit favorites, and stop in on a few new spots on what would be, for us, a trek that covered close to 300 round miles, 14 hours, 7 pits, 14 Girl Scouts selling cookies (who knew the BBQ spots were unofficial GS soliciting gold?) and more than several dozen pounds of some of the best BBQ in this world. A brutal undertaking.

All for the love of Barbecue. Central Texas Barbecue.

A few things to note:
  • You may never see a plate.  Many barbecue restaurants serve everything on paper-lined trays, and that's just fine by us.  The styrofoam plates don't make for great pictures, nor pleasant meat-cutting.
  • You'll be asked 'moist or lean'.  Moist brisket, is the fattiest. Naturally, it's most flavorful, too.  Lean brisket is the (slightly) healthier option.
  • In addition to the sides on the menu, you'll almost always find complimentary pickles, onions, and sliced bread.  That's just how it's done.  You'll learn to look for them
  • Sauce may be offered, but it's optional at some places, and blasphemy at others.  Don't make a big show of saucing everything down if you want to look like 'an insider'.
  • For heaven's sakes, don't wear a bib.  Wear a dirty shirt, instead.
  • And please, this is Texas.  Don't skip the brisket.

We sampled the trinity: brisket, ribs, and sausage, and the usual suspects; potato salad, cole slaw, and beans. Along the way, we had other cuts and sides, too, either because one of the above was not offered, was sold out, or an enthusiastic BBQ agent suggested we just had to try a slice of _________.


Naturally, there were mixed reviews and differing opinions at every stop. We'll be reviewing each establishment we visited individually, and in depth over the next few weekends, (and we'll be sure to drop back by and provide a link to each) but for this guide's purposes, we skim each location, and offer a few favorites.

Here's a little rundown of the great barbecue you'll find outside of Austin,

On the Outskirts of Town

Barbecue East of Austin...

.....well that's where the richest legends are told. Family dust-ups have informed barbecue lore out there, but I'll not spoil the fun for you by giving you the skinny on the situation--perhaps you'll discover that in discussion with strangers-become-buddies-over-barbecue at the communal table you'll share. Or maybe the internet. Have fun.

Louie Mueller Barbecue, Taylor
206 W 2nd, Taylor, TX ph. 512.352.6206
M-F 11-6 + Sat 10-6 + Closed Sunday

Louie Mueller, the only spot on this list that sports a James Beard award among the soot-enrobed paraphernalia, has been, and continues to be tops on my list, from the very first time I happened into the sleepy town of Taylor and found myself hankering for the best local fare I could find.  Not a thing wrong with the sides, other than being completely out-shined by the meat, as is should be. Upon our most recent visit, Mueller's shared the 'best brisket of the day' distinction, and once they wrestled the bone from me, others agreed their beef rib to be the best we would have that day. Outside of our judging criteria, the baby back ribs deserve a great big honorable mention shout out of their own. Also a key component of our judging criteria-- friendly and enthusiastic service. (Note: Louie Mueller's suffered a pit fire, recently, but, happily, has reopened.  See what Texas Monthly has to say about Louie Mueller's.)

Snow's Barbecue, Lexington
516 Main St, Lexington, TX ph. 979.773.4640 (Sat.only)
Open Saturday, only, 8am, until sold out

You'll have to get there early if you plan to have what many declare the best brisket in the state, because the line begins before opening, and the doors close when it's all gone. Half of our contingent agreed with the 'best of' raves and reviews, the other half conceding that it was splitting hairs to call a winner. We loved the jalapeno sausage. All agreed that it was definitely worth the drive to join the hungry line of folks licking their chops. Great service that makes you feel you're part of a big family gathering of giddy carnivores.  (see what Texas Monthly, and Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated, has to say about Snow's.)

City Meat Market, Giddings
101 W. Austin St. (Hwy 290), Giddings, TX ph. 979.542.2740
M-F 7:30-5:30 + Sat 7:30-4 + Closed Sunday

It was off of our beaten path, but that didn't stop us from trying.  A passenger jump-out from the lead car at the stoplight, found for her trouble that, close to noon that day, the only thing left was sausage, and some satisfied faces, blissful, beaming, even, still seated at the counter. We'll follow our own advice and get their early next time, but in the meantime, see what CNN's Eatocracy, and Texas Monthly have to say about City Meat Market.

Meyer's Barbecue, Elgin
188 Highway 290, Elgin, Texas ph. 512.281.5546
M-T 10-8 + F-Sat 10-9 + Sun 10-7

It's all about the sausage in Elgin, with two popular establishments duking it out for sausage supremacy.  We tried it all at Meyer's, and concluded its coarse ground, black pepper-flecked version Meyers produces as their 'best of plate'.  Don't miss the complimentary beans offered-- they go great with that sausage on the ubiquitous white sliced bread, onion, and pickle sandwich you'll see diners wrapping up at their seats.

Southside Barbecue, Elgin
Intersection of Hwy. 290 /Hwy. 95 North, Elgin, TX ph. 512. 281-4650
M-Th 8-8 + F-Sat 8-9 + Sun 9-8

Just after noon, the parking lot was packed, and the line to order and pay for barbecue snaked around the traffic controlling stanchions, and overflowed.  Southside Market boasted hundreds--the most diverse crowd we saw, all hunkered down and about the serious business of 'cue-guzzling.  Though the remaining meats we tried were fairly average among the day's offerings (and may I add average in this crowd is still way-above most barbecue offered off of this list of all-stars), the sausage did stand out, and the new version of sweet and sour vinegar-dressed cole slaw was our favorite of the day.  The sauce at Southside was also a stand-out-- a house version with unusual notes of cinnamon and clove was good, and their bold sauce, we found, outstanding.

Black's Barbecue, Lockhart
215 N. Main, Lockhart, TX ph 512.398.2712
M-Sun 10-8, until 8:30 Th-F

If you're in it for the sides, Black's offers the best selection on the trail.  They keep it hot and fresh and ready to be dished by hungry 'cue-ists', and include all the regulars, as well as macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, green beans, black-eyed peas, mashed potatoes, Mexican rice, sweet creamed corn, sweet potatoes, apple, pecan, and blueberry pie, peach, blackberry, and cherry cobbler, and even more. Inching further down the line, you'll place your order for meat, and see it portioned before you on a wooden butcher block, worn and warped by the thousands of pounds of meat Black's produces.  Our rumbling tummies were quieted a bit after we learned our one (huge!) beef rib cost over $20, (and, per pound, in comparison, quite reasonably priced, but did I mention, HUGE?) and the moist brisket was the fattiest of the lot, but in all fairness, we did order moist. (see A Few Notes, above). That said, Black's has always taken the award for friendliest service of the three Lockhart locations reviewed, and this day was no exception.

Smitty's Barbecue, Lockhart
208 S. Commerce, Lockhart, TX ph. 512.398.9344
M-F 7-6 + Sat 7-6:30 + Sunday 9-6:30

It was the end of the restaurant day for Smitty's, located in the same charming building off the square for the last 50 years, when we arrived, and the staff appeared to be close to frazzled by the throngs of diners that still filled every seat.  The line for meat was short, and orders were efficiently gathered and charged.  But there's a line for sides, as well, and that sucked the feel-good barbecue buzz right out of me.  Once I reached my mis amigos and the first-ordered meat, most were finished, and I was a little grumpy, just like the girl who served my sides. But hungry diners can be a demanding lot, and the end of the day for hard workers isn't any time to expect pleasantries, so get your grub and get on with it, please. In fact, skip the sides altogether if you're in a hurry, and just pull yourself up to that tray of perfectly smoked meat.  Smitty's lives up to its hype.

Kreuz Barbecue, Lockhart
619 N. Colorado, Lockhart, TX ph. 512.398.2361
M-Sat 10:30-8 Closed Sunday

If the only bad barbecue is no barbecue, well that's what we got at the ever-popular Kreuz (pronounced Kr-long I-ts)  A full two hours before closing, there was no brisket, no ribs, and no patience for whining about it.  You'll have beef shoulder, and you'll like it. And we did. Except it tasted like Mom's pot roast (which is fabulous, Mom!) but though it's appearance gave us hope, nothing like the crackling, crusted, pink smoke-ringed brisket for which we'd hoped. Four of our procession made it to Kreuz earlier in the day, where the no's they encountered were only the usual for Kreuz; no forks and no sauce, either, because they truly stand by their pit. Our friends agreed that none were needed, and declared Kreuz the best barbecue in Lockhart.  They also agreed that, brisket and ribs, or none, the service was, well, cranky.  But cranky service didn't deter the no-brisket, no-rib eating diners which filled the stadium-sized dining room, still, upon closing. (See what Texas Monthly has to say about Kreuz.)

City Market Barbecue, Luling (no website)
633 E Davis St, Luling, TX ph. 830.875.9019

People whose opinions I trust on matters such as these declare City Market in Luling to have the very best sausage of the bunch, but, sadly, we were not to make it in time to try it ourselves. (Another thing to note about Central Texas Barbecue: It's not for the night owls.)  That WILL BE RECTIFIED, but meantime, see what Texas Monthly, who voted City Market, Luling among the Top 50 Barbecue establishments in a state full of thousands, and, if you're interested in that sort of thing (I AM, I AM!), a little background from Rob Walsh, to help remember that Luling City Market in Houston is NOT City Market, Luling.

Whew!  That's a lot of barbecue. And that's only the half of it--

An entire barbecue world, just as delicious if a little less storied, lives separate and apart on the west side of Austin, too. We look forward to sharing the rest of the story on The Outskirts of Town: Barbecue West of Austin, coming soon.

One of those topics that stirs up strong passions as well as smoky fires, barbecue, that is, and aficionados will have their opinions--let me promise you that. We love hearing them! Even those that don't particularly agree with ours. Where's your favorite brisket to be found? Who makes your favorite side? Who offers the consistently best customer service? The consistently worst? What dirt do you have to dish with us??

Tell it, y'all!
Every smoky bit.

While not an exhaustive overview (but, yes, somewhat exhausting), we've covered all of our favorite Barbecue joints east of Austin.  If you're looking for Barbecue inside the city limits, please do not miss the thorough work that Lisa of Full and Content has put into her review of surely every BBQ spot in town.  She might agree that it was about the most gloriously exhausting barbecue pilgrimage we've undertaken, but we take our mission seriously, as do the other fifty plus bloggers who are a part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance 2013 City Guide.  Collected by former AFBA Publicity Chair and big-guns-blogger, Jodi Bart, the guide covers every food, drink, and dive worth noting in the fair city.  We hope you find it useful in planning your way around town. 


  1. This is such a fun post and you give great advice to the BBQ newbie, Maggie. This is definitely a post that I will be sharing!

    1. Jodi,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Makes it worth all the hard work! This was an awfully fun project.

      My best,

  2. I love it! Well-written and informative, and GREAT photos. I've added a link to this from the In-Town BBQ guide, and hopefully I'll be able to add the one to the BBQ west of town before I head out for Spring Break.

    Oh, and per my 2 cents, Snow's has the best sausage anywhere, better that City market's for sure. Yum. Now I need to get out to all these places again.

    1. Girl! I sat up in the middle of bed last night about 4 am and realized I hadn't included your link. I am so sorry and fixing that RIGHT NOW.

      Thanks for your input about Snow's. I would love to update this post next year with reader favorites.

      Have fun on Spring Break!

    2. Maggie, you have out done yourself (I know I say that all the time) but really Wow! I was sad I did not get to go on this venture with you, however reading it made me feel like I was right alongside of y'all tasting that smoky goodness.

    3. Oh thank you my sweet friend! We missed you ALL day, and we just HAVE to do it again.

  3. This was truly a crawl to end all crawls. Team Maggie, all the way!

    1. I'm so glad you guys joined us in Lockhart. That was so much FUN! And so were y'all.

      I say a Bahn Mi crawl next. Think we can find some veggie versions for you?

  4. Hi Maggie,
    Thanks for reviewing Elgin BBQ joints. I had told South Austin Foodie earlier that the best BBQ joint that Elgin could boast had met an untimely demise in 2007 after a move to a new building (which I think ruined the patina of the brisket), a fire (which naturally added too much smoke) and the unfortunate early death of the original owner. His partner, try as he might, never quite could repeat Laaron Morgan's artistry with pork sausage or brisket. But this was a place that everyone, rich and poor, could eat well at--despite it looking like the health dept. should have condemned it years ago. You wouldn't want to light a match in there, the pork and beef fat were so well-distributed. Crosstown was even reviewed (with some other pretty good BBQ joints) in the New York Times:
    And I am sad that you didn't get to experience it on your trip eastward. The taxidermy alone would have left you speechless.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I had the good fortune to try Crosstown back before it was lost. Elgin must miss it terribly. I've found those crusty old spots just seemed to 'taste better' than the fluoresced massive rooms of the new buildings. Probably because I'm a little crusty, too. lol

      Hope you'll join us on our next journey.

      Best Regards,

  5. Just saw the shout-out... thanks!


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