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austin food blogger alliance photography camp 2013

Only a few short years ago, I was hammering out great dishes, visiting noteworthy food-lover destinations, traveling the culinary byways, and tasting the most delectable bites in regions near and far, but all went unshared, or rather shared rather shoddily, due to my ignorance of even the most basic photography principals. 

I thought it was enough just to describe the goods.

And describing is certainly part of the equation.  But we're a very visual lot, we food loving folks, and Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the thousands of breathtakingly gorgeous food, design, and travel blogs will attest to the fact that we love to share what we're enjoying out there.

Skip forward a bit-- a scouring of the local pawn shops, a score of a decent DSLR camera, a few courses, and paying attention to the wisdom shared by fellow food photographers, (a few even represented in the lineup, below), and I'm joyfully immersed in a hobby that brings me great joy, and, I hope, makes this world from maggie's farm as visually appealing as it is delectably interesting.

I am proud to be a part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, and thrilled to share with you what we'll be up to this weekend--learning the basics, and beyond basics, of impressive food photography, along with socializing, and, of course, snacking

The best part of it all?  YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND.  This event is open to the public and details, and tickets, are available, below. 

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Austin Food Blogger Alliance

Photography Camp

Photo by Melissa Skorpil
Are you tired of being rejected by FoodGawker? Do your Instagram pics leave commenters asking just what isthat? Are all your family photos dark and blurry? You’re not alone. Join us for Photography Camp!
Two years ago AFBA offered its first photo class. This year, we’re upping the ante with an all-day event!
Our group of experts, chosen from the Austin food community, will share their knowledge on choosing the right gear, figuring out lighting, styling food, deciding on the best phone app, and more. Whether you’re using a DSLR or a camera phone, you’ll come away with plenty of tips and tricks to make your photos truly drool-worthy.
Saturday, September 28
8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
AOMA campus in South Austin, behind Westgate Shopping Center (map)
Tickets are on sale now! Purchase on Eventbrite.
Your ticket gets you hands-on training and photography best practices, a yummy box lunch provided byPamela Jane’s New England Lobster Rolls (vegetarian and gluten-free options available), morning sips and snacks by Zhi Tea and  Better Bites Bakery, iced coffee by Chameleon Cold Brew, and happy hour snacks sponsored by Dinner Lab.
Food Photography 101 – Melissa Skorpil takes you through everything from how to plan a shoot to setting up lighting and using props.
Photo Editing – Mary Helen Leonard takes you through editing basics.
Don’t Fear the Manual Setting – Chris Perez will help you step outside your autofocus safety zone.
Rig It – Ryan Schierling teaches you how to get the most out of your camera.
Phoning It In – Jane Ko will show that gorgeous photos can come from your phone, too.
All About the Gear – Peter Tsai discusses the best gear for your camera.
plus Breakout Shooting Sessions
I hope to see you there!
For more information about sponsors, and Austin Food Blogger Alliance, please visit the AFBA website.

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