(almost) wordless wednesday
tamale time!

It is a great honor to be featured today in the online and print edition of Austin American Statesman's Food Matters, by our good friend, food writer Addie Broyles.

Burnet farmer expands tamale-making business

After making tamales for years for friends and family, farmer-writer Margaret Christine Perkins, who writes the blog Notes From Maggie’s Farm (frommaggiesfarm.blogspot.com) about her farm near Burnet, has expanded her holiday production with the help of a commercial kitchen. Through Friday, you can order red chile pork, green chile chicken, smoked brisket or black bean tamales ($10 per dozen pre-paid or $12 per dozen upon delivery) for delivery on Dec. 21 or pick-up on Dec. 22. Sauces — poblano cilantro cream or chile con carne — cost $6 per pint. To order, send an email to frommaggiesfarm@gmail.com.

See the entire article, including a nice feature of our friend Anna Ginsberg of Cookie Madness, by visiting Austin 360, Food Matters.

And now those orders are pouring in!

We're taking orders through Friday, December 14th.  For more information, please visit Tamale Time!

Happy Holidays!
From Maggie's Farm


  1. Maggie, these look so delicious! I've never made tamales, but I do love to eat them. Any time you're in SoCal, feel free to stop by my kitchen. ;)

    1. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday, Molly Jo!


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