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Carving a turkey whole, tableside, can be an awkward and not altogether attractive proposition.  Bon Appetit shares their favorite way to get turkey to the table without muss or fuss, and a bit more elegance.

Turkey Carving 101

The bone structure that gives turkeys their signature silhouette can make carving a whole bird tricky. Why not start a new tradition this year: Break down your roast into manageable pieces of breast, thigh, and leg, then carve them into thin slices for a more refined presentation.

1. Put the turkey on a work surface. Using a boning or chef's knife, cut from the neck end to the tail end of the breast parallel to the breastbone. Continue cutting, keeping the knife against the breastbone. Then angle the knife, running it alongside the thin rib cage to free the meat.

2. Slice the breast meat crosswise against the grain using a Granton slicer or a chef's knife. Transfer meat to a warmed platter.

3. Pull the leg away from the carcass as you slice down the side of the thigh to expose the joint. Cut around the joint to free the whole leg. Repeat with the other leg. Remove the other side of the breast and slice according to Step 2.

4. Find the joint between the leg and thigh bone and separate them with the knife. Slice the thigh meat parallel to the thigh bone and transfer the meat to the platter. Repeat with other leg and thigh.

5. Trim the meat off the legs , if desired, by slicing lengthwise down the bone to free the meat. Cut around the wings to free them from the carcass. Save the carcass for making stock.

WRITTEN BY Hunter Lewis
PHOTOGRAPH BY Marcus Nilsson
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  1. It's funny I was just wondering today-who actually carves at the table? My Dad carved ahead of dinner in the kitchen as did my grandfather before him. Bob carves before dinner too. We usually do buffet, so having it carved before hand makes sense. But I have secretly always wanted that "rockwell" moment. Thanks for these tips, I am certainly going to share them.

    1. Hey Doll!
      Sorry I'm tardy with a reply, but I sure do appreciate your support for my post. I have never seen a successful Rockwell moment in person! I suppose with only doing the carving once a year, we don't get much practice!

      Looking forward to seeing you this week!


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