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"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."
Anne Frank 
We've an awful lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and it's put us in a mind to concentrate on the giving part of that holiday.  Giving thanks, by giving back.  Giving of one's time, talent, and resources.  Helping other's out in gratitude and honor for those who have helped us through trials.

And we need your help.  We're asking you to please take a moment to share your favorite ideas for giving back.  Maybe it's something you've done, something you'd like to do, something you've seen in your community.  Maybe it's a link to a story you read that impressed you.  Maybe it's something that's been written on your heart by what you've seen in the world.  It could be monetary support, it could be the gift of time, or it could be using your talents and skills to support those who need them.

What are your favorite charities and service organizations?
What need in the world are you passionate about assisting?
What are you, or someone you know, doing with the time, talents, or resources to which you have access?

I promise, I'm not asking you for anything other than ideas. Thoughtful and innovative ideas to share, creative ideas that motivate people to action.  Ideas both simple, like taking last month's magazines to a retirement home, and profound, like Royer's Round Top Cafe and their mission to deliver a little bit of the heart of Texas to Sandy victims in the form of pie, and more.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favorite charities and service opportunities, too, including Eternal Threads, an organization I became familiar with through church, whose vision is to bring hope and justice to poor women and children in developing countries.

These days, the fury of political wrangling between, and about candidates and parties, the daily reports of war-torn battlefields, the perfectly tacky antics of a celebrity-driven 'reality' television-supported pop culture, the media's emphasis on the sturm and drang of current events, can make one weary, and, if you're like me, feeling a little hopeless about the human condition. However, there is evidence, often not considered as newsworthy, but reality, nonetheless, to the contrary.  This video, below, recently circulating on social media sites, starts this week on a positive note.  Maybe it will encourage you to find ways to 'give a little bit'.

Please take a moment to leave a comment telling us your favorite ideas for giving a little, (or a lot!).  And have a great week!


  1. Maggie-I love this post-I'm a firm believer in giving-Some people seem to get confused when it comes to giving, thinking that it comes only from the pocket book. On the contrary , It comes from some of the easiest and "free" things that we acquire every day. Our ear to listen to one's concerns. A mouth to share the word about a cause. A hand to lend when people need a lift. Call me internally optimistic but I believe good is always there if we look for it, even in the most difficult of situations. One of the things our family enjoys all year round is working at our local food bank. it's easy and it makes such a difference. Just in ending (since I went way over in my comments ~so sorry) I would like to say how Truly thankful I am that you and Mr. Tom have become such good friends. Your hearts are bigger than the moon and you both give so much to others and your community. May you both have a truly blessed Thanksgiving. xxoo

  2. Now, see how lucky we are? We have blessings in such abundance--an embarressment of riches, with friends as lovely and giving as YOU! And you just get it when it comes to giving--giving time and effort as just as important, and often more so, than giving cash. It's easy for many people to pop a check in the mail, but there is great value in time, too. It's a symphony of folks giving some of their treasure, their time, their talent, that really makes this world sing. The Capital Area Food Bank is a great place to start! Thank you, friend!

  3. Great piece, Maggie! The short answer at Thanksgiving is Gobble, Gobble Give. Here is a link to a piece I recently posted about the organization.
    Year around, we support Help One Now which advocates and serves orphans in Haiti, Ethiopia, etc. Locally, our church is all about the serve. Austin New Church uses the fifth Sunday as Serve Austin Sunday with several projects to choose from. Garage Sales to help girls aging out of Foster care, cleaning up and remodeling schools, feeding the hungry, something for every skill or lack thereof.

  4. Alissa! Thanks so much for joining the conversation. These are the types of opportunities I hoped to illuminate. I'll promote Gobble, Gobble Give prior to thanksgiving, and include Serve Austin Sunday's on the post I'm planning for after the holiday. Thank you thank you thank you!


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