road trip!: austin funky chicken coop tour 2012

(almost) wordless wednesday
notes from maggie's farm

austin funky chicken coop tour {link}                2012

 Please click on the photos to enlarge and catch all the nifty details.

Buck Moore Feed and Supply, sponsor {link}

budding photographer.

budding farmer.

private home, north austin.

private home, north central austin.

urban patchwork neighborhood farms {link}

springdale farm {link}

private home, south austin

Thank you for allowing us into your lovely, fun, and funky backyards.


  1. Sometimes wordless is fun ... especially they can be replaced with nice photos like what you have here.

    1. I get a little tired of my own voice, sometimes, whether by mouth or keyboard. It's kind of refreshing for me! lol Thank you so much for dropping by.

  2. Funny how your pics are anything but wordless-they tell such a story. Thank you

    1. My favorite one is that little boy eating a donut with his two buds at his side. They were handing out free water at Buck Moore. Thanks so much for stopping by, sista.

  3. Fabulous pictures! Looks like a fun tour. Love all the vibrant colors. I've always wanted to go, but I'm afraid I will end up wanting to raise chickens:) Since I'm in a residential area...that isn't going to happen:( Maybe I can keep one as a pet:)

    1. What's funny is, there were so many people, I couldn't get very good pics of the chickens. And, natch, they were all in their coops, to fencing covered them all up, mostly. I do love having chickens! Thanks for coming by, friend.

  4. Looks like fun! The kids look like they had a blast. You can see the little one with is face pressed up against the netting that he would love to be in there with them. It must be warm down there already with all the lovely flowers blooming and people in shorts..It was 39 degrees this am when I left for work here in NY... I love foxglove..I grew it twice, and both times it didn't come back..I even waited 4 years in between to try again but no luck. They are soooo pretty to me.

  5. Yesterday it was in the 90's when I was at an event around 6pm. That 7 days of winter and 9 days of spring sure was nice while it lasted! lol I am going to try my hand at foxglove from seed this year. We'll see how it goes.
    Thanks for stopping by, Winnie!


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