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Occasionally, Monday is more than I can handle.  And this Monday met me with a to-do list that was more than any Monday can handle. You know those days, weeks, seasons, I bet.  

Spring is full of life on this little farm. Life that does not wait on blogposts, tweets, facebook updates, social networking and more.  It does not care that the Austin Food and Wine Festival kept me busy all day, every day from Thursday through Sunday.  It doesn't know that the first season of Downton Abbey was at the Redbox, or that sparkling moscato was on sale.  It does not care that two recipes are due for submission for a community cookbook.  

It does not care how busy I've been.  It has never heard of an alliance, or a festival, or Iron Chef, or Food Network.

It wants to know where I am.  I wants me to get OUT THERE, without a camera, and get down to farming.  

So forgive me for the next few days, while I do what it is that this is all about.  I've got to go be a farmer. 

This is gonna get dirty.

But before I go.......

I do love a good bargain.  The facial cleanser this former Lancome/Clinique representative used in a life prior to the farm costs upwards of 30 bucks.  That's quite a lot of chicken scratch.  And without giving any of those old trade secrets away, let me just say I think the natural options work their magic just as well.  Like this one, from MaryJane's Farm

Homemade Facial Cleanser

homemade facial cleanser
image credit: maryjane's farm
I love homemade beauty recipes. I make up my own yogurt cleanser to wash my face with daily.
The ingredients are simple and fresh: 1 cup yogurt, ¼ t apple cider vinegar, and ½ t extra-virgin olive oil.
Mix the ingredients thoroughly, then smooth a handful over your face for about a minute before rinsing with cool water.
The mixture will keep in the fridge for a week. It makes my skin feel silky smooth!
Dawn in Illinois 
The Farmgirl Connection


  1. Love your picture of all your green veggies. Your Austin Food and Wine Festival pics are fabulous! Thanks for posting the recipe for the yogurt cleanser. I have a huge tub of yogurt getting ready to expire.

    PS I'm starting to realize gardening is NOT easy. I had a squirrel eat my little watermelon...bad squirrel. My tomatoes dropped their blooms. UGH!

    1. Oh, Steph, those green veggies are ready for harvesting and preserving in some way and I have a big job on my hands! lol

      Thank you for your compliment re: AFWF photos. I took them all from my IPhone, and I'm afraid they look so grainy, but mainly, that was a result of the massive dust storm that was most of the weekend at Auditorium Shores. I'm still sneezing and coughing, but it was nice to see all the chefs.

      Gardening is NOT easy and often full of disappointments, like your dropped blooms and eaten watermelon. I kind of think of it like a lab--you set up your experiment under optimal conditions, and then watch how many factors can affect the

      We are scientists!

  2. Girl go do your farming we understand. I know you have been a busy bee all weekend, love your posts but hey a farmer has to farm first. Good news is we will all be here to tune in when you come back. Same time~ same channel~ Same lovely Farmstress xxoo

    1. I love you! Thank you for understanding. Sometimes, I have to stop talking the talk in order to walk the walk, of which I talk! lol

  3. I TOTALLY understand! And I'm right there with you. I tell myself the extra-long unmowed grass is "natural" and when I cut it I'll have all those grass clippings for the compost pile. I can't make any excuses for not having planted more by now, though. Oh, except the part-time job and the rain and two weekend fundraisers and, and, and …

    1. Oh Debbi, if we could only manufacture a few more hours in the day! Yet I do remember the days in which, at a younger age, I sat watching television 5-6 hours a day. And chatting on the phone about NOTHING. I wouldn't trade any of my hard-fought wisdom for them, but oh to have the wasted hours of my youth!


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