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thirsty thursday
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We've all seen, and/or imbibed in, our share of green beer over the years, but here's a few twists on the tradition perfectly suitable for celebrating St. Patty.

Irish Coffee
Guinness Milkshake
The Perfect Mint Julep
and, The Grasshopper.

Will you be eating or drinking anything special for the 'holiday'?  We'd love to hear (and nab your ideas!).  Please leave a comment below, to share your wealth of St Pat's creativity.  We want to know what you're up to!


By the time you read this, this farmer will be off to retreat with some dear old friends for the next week or so at St Mary of the Pines convent in Chatawa, Mississippi.  Seeing as the theme of the retreat is 'Being Present', I've let myself get talked into not trying to keep up with things remotely.

shared through creative commons license
I'm going to stash the laptop!  I've posted on the blog, scheduled for each day that I'll be gone, and the Yankee Farmer fella will be holding down the fort, and trying to figure out the whole social media thing while I'm gone.  If you feel so lead, it would help him out a bit if you might share on your 'walls'  or through your 'tweets' or wherever you share these types of things, any posts you think are worthy of a look.  Thank you, friends!  I'l see you back here in a week or so, refreshed and raring to go!

Monkeys in the trees?


  1. Hello Yankee Farmer fella:) We are making some fish and chips (garlic fries to be exact) for St. Patrick's day. Looking forward to it since I don't eat fried fish much anymore.

  2. Hi Steph, Thank you, Being "F-B and blogger Challenged" (and no spell-check, there's no telling who I'll inadvertently offend) I'm going to need all the help I can get. Also, it's been a very long time since I've had to fend for myself nutritionally, I'll opt for "fish and chips". What time do we eat?

    1. Garlic Fries! When are we going to eat?! Oh, I missed it? Crikey!


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