thirsty thursdays

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welcome to our newest blog feature at notes from maggie's farm, thirsty thursday.  i think we're just in the nick of time. here, where the dusty drought days on the land seem to be replicated in our bodies, we crave some cool thirst-quenchers and we hope to fill that bill. we'll be sharing all kinds of beverages--punches, ades, agua frescas, teas, spritzers, flavored waters, syrups, sodas, and more.  today, it's cocktail hour!  ( believe-you-me, we'll be visiting cocktail hour again.  and again.) 

now i'm not trying to make a lush of anyone. in fact in reality, i imbibe only on special occasions. sometimes I have more special occasions than others.  like sometimes thursday seems like a special occasion. but all things in moderation i say; a cocktail or two shouldn't hurt, should it?  i mean it just sounds so glamorous, cocktail.  so humphrey bogart, lauren bacall-ish.  clark gable, carole lombard-ish, so brat pack-ish.  (but let me warn you to stop short of becoming ray milland, lost weekend-ish).
while you're enjoying the cocktail below, we've compiled a little cocktail hour music for you. the kind of music that makes me want to wear mules and pearls and pack my man's pipe (in reality, he has no such pipe) with tobacco for him, meet him at the door when he comes home from work with my precious little apron over my cotton dress and a newspaper (wow, this really is retro. i mean a newspaper? like on real newsprint?) and cocktail in hand for him. kind of like a hybrid of june cleaver and laura petrie. 'cause I really love the whole pedal pushers and flats look, too. (okay. in reality, i look more like hazel, but don't rain on my parade, here.)

by the way, if you so desire, and aren't in the mood to google it, i will be happy to provide information on each of the characters above because i know i've dated myself and most of you youngsters won't know who i'm talking about.  truth be told, they are a little before my time, too, but i was always a little retro before retro was even cool.

cocktails!  we were talking cocktails.  i went off on my retro fantasy tangent and got off track.  well, that, and i've been sampling this thingy, here because i work, work, work always to share with you only that which has been thoroughly tasted tested.  i'm always thinking of others that way.  that's how i roll.  and this is yummy.  i think you're going to like it, too.

©from maggie's farm 2011

sweet cherry firecracker

we infused a quart of vodka with 1/4 fresh cherries, pitted and bruised, 2 whole cloves, and a cinnamon stick for 2 weeks in a dark, cool area.  we strained it through a coffee filter to remove any impurities, and bottled it in sterilized liquor bottles.  for more information on infused liquors, refer to tuesday's post, spirits of summer.

©from maggie's farm 2011
in a cocktail shaker, combine 3 parts spiced cherry vodka, 1 part sparkling water, and ice.  shake and strain in a martini glass.  garnish with cherry, sprig of mint, and a lemon peel twist which has been pressed over the drink to release citrus oils.  if you like a sweeter cocktail, add a splash of maraschino juice
make small talk
offer polite laughter
slurp. sip
a pithy quote, perhaps
but drink responsibly.

see you tomorrow where we wax poetic about the glories of cheese, on freestyle friday, notes from maggie's farm. 

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