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Mornings after big cooking classes are usually spent recovering-- getting my little old home back in order, giving my ornery back a rest, and in the case of morning after bread-making classes, baking off loaves for the neighbors.

I kept this small loaf today-- it's a smoked pepper and salt flake olive oil bread that I've eaten for breakfast and lunch with butter and fresh rosemary. For dinner I'll add sliced cherry tomatoes, radish, maybe hastily mashed and salted avocado instead of the butter. Or in addition to.

Butter. Mmmmm..

Van Morrison serenades me over the comforting hum of the (new!) dishwasher from the living room, keeping me company along with Jack, my dog, who waits for errant crumbs with the rapt attention of a soldier on sentry duty.

Perhaps it's maturity. I don't know. But in this little home, as I learn to focus on my passions and shut out the noisy din of the nothing sometimes said out there, I've found peace in the simple. It comforts me. I wear a serene smile for no one but me as I reflect on my blessings. This is bliss.

As Van sings, "Well, my mama told me there'll be days like this".

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