NEW! In the Garden: ALL YEAR LONG
Also, I'm not tech-savvy. But I AM determined.


There's something NEW on Notes from Maggie's Farm!

After years of sharing monthly gardening to-do lists, and hearing how helpful you readers found this regular Tips for Tuesday feature, I've been scouring my brain for ways to make that information easier to access. I mean what if you want, say, to plan ahead? What if you wanted to know what you'd be planting in September? Or what grubby work you could be put off until your brother visited? There's value in that kind of intel!

So I came up with an idea. An idea that wasn't quite as easy to configure as I'd imagined.

You might know what I mean.

Have you ever, say, imagined the perfect sofa, down to the last detail, then gone in search of it to find it NOWHERE?  And then every couch you saw that WAS available didn't live up to what you'd imagined? Or perhaps it was the perfect holiday dress. With pearl buttons, and a velvet collar, and three quarter length sleeves, just below the knee, figure skimming, but not too tight-- and in aubergine. That ever happen to you? I do it all the time.

That very same process of imagining something you're perfectly certain you can pull together? Well that's what this nightmare little project became for me. I was absolutely certain that I, equipped with exactly one semester of rudimentary coding, could pull this out of thin air and onto the site.


I posted the query on Help forums, and member pages, and coding groups, and to all of my nerdiest, tech-savvy contacts.

CRICKETS.  That's what I heard in reply. Nada. Nothing. Silence.

Oh I could spend a little cash to have it done. But I wanted it for FREE. I wanted to DO IT MYSELF. I always do.

So I stayed up all night and DID THE THING. With a little help from the hundredth or so item from a search query-- HOW TO LOSE SLEEP blah blah blah SLIDESHOW WITH LINKS, I found Photosnack. And JUST as I began downloading my images, they shut that baby down for "site maintenance". Seriously.

But I was determined. So I played solitaire surfed the internet cried into my tea whined to my dog waited patiently until the site returned, and proceeded to pull this baby together.

What we have here, friends, is a SLIDESHOW WITH LINKS. Just click on the month, and it will take you RIGHT TO THE MONTHLY GUIDE. How cool is that? (I know, I know-- you see these kinds of things all over the internet. THEY HAVE PROFESSIONALS DO THAT STUFF. I am not a professional.)

I stuck it right over there ======>

On the sidebar. Okay, scroll up a little. THERE. There it is. You can see it below, too. Anytime you're curious. No more fruitless searching. It's done. Check out April. That's what's going on this month.

Now, I had PLANNED to take a few hours and spiff up the posts. I mean all of the information is current, but some of the posts suffer from a bit of early blogging amateurism. But that plan was made about 15 hours ago. I'll get around to it. Later.

I'm going to bed now. 


  1. Good job, Maggie! I can totally relate. I am in the process of adding a search engine to my blog and it is time consuming and still not the best solution (but better than nothing). Not sure if I will ever be "tech savvy" but I still keep plodding along.

    1. Cathy, it was so nice to wake up to your comment! lol No, really. I JUST WOKE UP. That thing gave me all night fits! I can only imagine what fits your search engine project might be giving you. ARGH!

      Thanks for commiserating with me! Now...onto the next major


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