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Market Chef Maggie Perkins

Well, I've got a new gig, y'all.

Beginning in March, I'm wearing the hat, or cloche if you will, of Market Chef for Texas Farmers' Markets. I'm pretty psyched! I'll be cooking up a storm of seasonal eats twice a month at the Cedar Park Farmers' Market, and the Mueller Farmers' Market, with another possible market on the horizon. Please consider following the Facebook pages for each market, and my own Facebook blog page, for notifications about upcoming appearances.

If you find yourself in the area, I'd love to see your shining smiles!

Is fresh, wholesome, seasonal farm-style fare your kind of gnoshing?  You might enjoy some of the previous recipes I've shared at the market, including

So what am I making this weekend at the market?  Well heck, that remains to be seen. Because...and this is the FUN PART...I will arrive at the market with NO PLANS in place and NO RECIPE in hand. I'll shop the market just like any market-goer would, selecting the best of the season from the market to prepare and sample. And you can best you'll find the results on this blog, shortly thereafter.

I'm pretty excited. I hope you'll follow along!  And if you can't get yourself to these farmers' markets, I do hope you'll hunt one down in your neck of the woods and support your local farmers.


  1. That's exciting! Congrats. Makes me wish I still lived up in the area, I'd come and visit ya!

    1. Hey there!
      It's great to see you! Thanks for stopping by and rooting for me from afar. It means the world to me.

      Happy MARCH! It's here, it's here!


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