armenian cucumber salad
meatless monday

Some days you just need something quick and easy.

Oh, it needs to be flavorful, and healthy, and seasonal, and all that, but some days, like MONdays, and many other days as well, you just want to dispense with the chit-chat and get on with things.

Today. Is. One. Of. Those. Days.

There are about a million things going on in this world of mine, and I know I'm only one of many that can say the same thing.

You may be in the same boat.  And there's nothing more dangerous to a healthy lifestyle than hurry up and hungry.

That's when the drive-thru seems like such a great idea.  An  utterly disastrous nutritional choice that's cheap and fast.  It's a trap, y'all!

Unless you're prepared.

Little dishes like this multi-cultural Thai Sesame Ginger-Dressed Armenian Cucumber Salad, prepared at the beginning of the week, and just waiting for hurried and hungry, like I find myself on most of these Mondays, save my nutritional day.  Bright, flavor-packed, easy-- I make sure I'm prepared for days like this, with dishes like these.

That's my Monday way.

Tell me about yours. What is your Monday way?  How do you handle the temptations that lurk about with the sole intention of messing with your health and happiness, and your pocketbook, too?

Thai Sesame Ginger-Dressed Armenian Cucumber Salad

1/2 cup seasoned rice wine vinegar
2-3T sesame oil, to taste
1/2-1tsp nam pla, or fish sauce, to taste
1 habanero chili, or more, to taste, seeded and minced (or substitute serrano chiles, which are a bit milder, but not much!)
1 'thumb'-sized knob of fresh ginger, grated fine
salt, and brown sugar, to taste

1 Armenian cucumber, sliced thinly
3T sliced scallions
1/4 bunch cilantro, chopped, with stems (about 3T, packed firmly)

About Armenian Cucumbers:
The Armenian cucumber is thin, elongated, curved and often irregularly curled with a dark green to creamy pistachio colored skin that is textured with smooth longitudinal furrows. Actually a melon in classification, its flesh is crisp, succulent and mildly flavored, similar to a common cucumber. Ideally-sized Armenian cucumbers will range in length from 10-15 inches. Longer cucumbers will tend to be not just over-sized, but also overly mature with less moisture content. The Armenian cucumber is entirely edible. Available in local farmers markets (thank you to Johnson's Backyard Garden for my little beauty) and produce sections, now.

Combine dressing ingredients in a medium bowl, whisking well to blend, and adjusting seasonings to taste.  (Watch out for those peppers!  Wash hands after handling and be aware that they will 'bloom' as time goes by-- making this salad more fiery by the day.  Which is great for your metabolism, incidentally!)

Add remaining salad ingredients to dressing, toss, and allow to chill for one hour before serving. Keep covered and refrigerated for as long as a week, though best eaten within the first few days of preparing.

Take THAT, drive-thru!

If healthy, wealthy, and wise are your thing, be sure to stop by this week for seasonal, economical, nutritious, and superfood-packed recipes, (including the hipster-fabulous and favorite shishito peppers!) tips, and more.  

We're eating well this week on Notes From Maggie's Farm.


  1. Anonymous24 June, 2013

    Does this recipe work well with standard cucumbers?

    1. It certainly does, though you may wish to peel them, as the armenian cucumber has a more tender skin than the standard cucumber.

      Thank you for stopping by!


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