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It is the chief of this world's luxuries, king by the grace of God over all the fruits of the earth. When one has tasted it, he knows what the angels eat. It was not a Southern watermelon that Eve took; we know it because she repented.
Mark Twain, Pudd'nHead Wilson

Cool and refreshing for hot summer days, lassi is a traditional Indian drink, made with tangy yogurt.   While Indian spices such as turmeric, roasted cumin and cardamom are used in the more savory salted lassi, sweet lassi is traditionally flavored with rosewater, often honey, and fruit, although regional variations are frequent and numerous.  

While not commonly found along the rural backroads of Texas, similar weather certainly is, making this lassi, and variations thereof,  the perfect antidote for that midafternoon slump--a refreshing break in farming duties, with a sweet, tangy quencher for the steamiest of days.  Whip one up and see if you don't agree.

Two methods:
Juice watermelon pulp to equal 1 cup of watermelon juice
Puree, in a blender, about 2 cups of watermelon cubes to yield 1 cup juice

Blend, or stir in, 1/2 cup plain yogurt.  Add 1/2t rose water, and a squeeze of fresh lime, to taste.

If desired, puree or juice a few mint leaves along with watermelon.
Grind a scant palmful of pistachios, and add to juice, or blend along with watermelon.
Blend with crushed ice, for a chilly, frothy treat.
Got a bit of a sweet tooth?  Try a touch of honey.
Ginger, or cardamom will give this lassi a little complexity.
Add a pinch of salt, which will accentuate the sweetness, while giving it a little kick.
Edible rose petals make a lovely garnish.

Please come back later today for a peek at the exotic Watermelon Chevre Pistachio Salad dressed with fresh lime and rose water.  Never had rose water?  Oh, you don't know what you're missin'!


  1. On my to make list. Have all ingredients except watermelon, will correct that STAT.

    1. Shoot, if you have rose water, nabbing a watermelon will be a breeze! I live in a rural area and have to buy rose water on my weekly forays into Austin.

      Hey. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it!

  2. Your blogging is so prolific, I can't even keep up! But I have to say how much I love your use of rose water. It's one of my favorite ingredients, and I always keep it at hand, even to just add a bit to a bottle of Topo Chico. It makes me so happy to know someone who shares my zeal for the stuff. :)

  3. Hi, Mary!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! Hoepfully, if quantity takes a backseat to quantity, I'll know when to scale back. I take little breaks like all of last week!, to catch up on LIFE. lol

    Glad to find a sister in rosewater-love! I like to slip a little in the glaze for my sweet rolls, too. Keeps everyone guessing! lol

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


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