saturday night special--7, um 10, um, 12 things, and the versatile blogger award

saturday night special
notes from maggie's farm

The neatest thing happened!  I got this cool little award passed on to me from on of my favorite bloggers and jam makers, Lindsay of uncanny preserves and 100 Mile Locavores.  She's a powerhouse.  You're going to love her.  It's kind of a chain-of-admiration thing, where you link back to the one who granted it upon you, share some things about yourself that are likely unknown, share some blogs you follow, and then pass it on to another deserving blogger.  I'm so flattered to have been your awardee, Lindsay.

Lindsay  was one of our first readers and has always been such an encouragement.  I recently received my recent order of uncanny preserves jame from her (from Canada, which nearly threw a cog in our rural post office the likes of which hasn't been seen since they converted to gas-powered delivery), and I could, and should go on and on about this magic-in-a-jar, I'm waiting for another post.  Because it's just that good,friends.  You're going to hear about this again.

So I've been having trouble with the whole ten things you may not know about me thing.  I had a few-- I have a degree in education from Louisisana State University, I have a fabulous twin brother--Tom Perkins, IV, I'm a student at St Edward's University in Austin and I have no idea what degree program I'm in,  In all of my wildest dreams, farmer never showed up..... but my sweet fella pointed out that those are the knowns.  I'm supposed to come up with unknowns.  So, I pawned the job over on him, since he knows so darned much.  Well, he does.  He knows a lot about a lot.  And he knows a lot about me.  So, I turn over the podium to that yankee farmer, Tom.
1.  The best things that have happened in your life started with a prayer.
See how he is?  He knows a lot.  And it's true, and the best place to start.  Anything I've accomplished in this life had prayer as number one on the 'to-do' list.  See picture above.  Also, see yankee farmer, Tom.  And for further proof, if you're reading this, you are my answered prayer, too. Thank you.
2.  You are shy around strangers.
Shut up!  Scrape yourself off the floor, stop laughing, wipe those tears.  No, really.  It's true.  You don't know this because YOU AREN'T A STRANGER anymore.  My dad shares that he is the same way.  You'd never know it because we're both such hams, but that's our overcompensation--fake it till you make it.  Then, there's really no shutting us up.  But you know that.
3.  You love the Spurs.
Not the things on boots, (although they are very cool and jangly and who doesn't love something shiny and jangly on the back on one's heel?), the basketball team. I worried about this one because I didn't want to take anything away from my revered LSU Tigers (!) But Tom points out that most people know about this reverence already, since I rarely shut up about it.  He didn't say that last part, but we know it's true. In spades.  So...the Spurs:  It's true. I do.  I think they're the classiest guys with the (basket)ball.  And I love saying Manu Ginobili. 
4.  Hates frogs.
Yes.  HATE frogs.  Two reasons:  Unpredictable movements (you never know when you'll be looking at one, and then find it's jumped it's wet sliminess on top of your foot), and WARTS.  'Nuff said.
5.  Your favorite television show is 48 hours.
Yep.  Hands down.  Mess with the program and you've messed with my weekend.  Reruns?  I watch them, too.  Until I know the script better than correspondents Erin Moriarty, Troy Roberts, Susan Spencer, Peter Van Sant, Richard Schlesinger and Maureen Maher.  Yes, I did that by memory. Close second?  Project Runway.  Even though I can't get to my sewing machine for all the canned pickles and preserves stacked in front of it, it reminds me that I COULD sew.  Plus the drama!  And Tim Gunn.  I love you, Tim Gunn.  Tom knows.  
6.  You can play mahjong for hours and refuses to lose
Yeah, this is how I unwind.   For like four hours straight.  We will soon be going TV-less, (oh don't think I haven't made arrangements for the two, above) so make that 6 hours straight.  And if I come to the end of the game without solving?  I delete all the moves and start over.  And over.  And over.  Yep, refuse to lose.  Probably not Tom's favorite quality of mine.
7. You love water slides
Weeeeeeeeee!  How come water parks are so darned expensive?  And are so crowded with kids?  Best. way. ever. of making you feel 8 years old again.
8.  Your typical Saturday evening-- stargazing and good (?) music.
I remember the days of yore when I was dressing to go out the same time I'm now dressing to stay in.  After 48 hours, natch, I take a bath, slip into sweats, meet my guy on the front porch, soak up the stars and the tunes.  I call it ritual, which makes it seem more glamorous than routine.  We usually know all the words to our nearest rural oldies station's playlist.  Whoa whoa whoa it's magic.....
9. You have the most beautiful eyes Tom has ever seen. 
Stop it.  You're making me blush..  Replace that one with you have an awesome husband. 10. Although preparing a blog post is a lot of work. You are smiling the entire time and don't even realize it.      
That's probably because I just one a game of mahjong.  Or that I'm laughing at my own jokes.  Pathetic?  yes.  Still funny?  yes.    
11. Your husband is so proud of you and loves you so much..... I think he is about to burst.                
You snuck that one in there.  You're the best. 
I'ma have to add another one:
12.  Can't read directions. 
Because, according to Lindsay's blog, I was supposed to share 7 things, and here I've gone and listed 12 things.  Like Josh, on Project Runway, editing is not my strong suit.  Can you please point me to the next meeting of Oversharers Anonymous?  Thank you.  And by the way.  Joshua?  You get on my last nerve.  And my mother has the same silk flower you wore on your lapel tonight.  Sorry.  I said it. 
Now, the fun part.  I get to share some blogs with you!  First, I'd like to share the blogs of my fellow peers in my best. class. ever, Entertainment Journalism, taught by the clever, smart, and uber social Michael Barnes, entertainment columnist for Austin American Statesman and author of entertainment blog Out and About. Check out these sharp, and cool, students.  They help me see things with fresh eyes.

I know they're going to have some neat things to share.

The second part of this project is a a two-parter for me. I'm compiling a blog roll for this page, and I'd love your input. What are you favorite blogs? Which inspire you? Which inform you? Which make you go hmmmm, or ahhhhhh, or oooooooh, or what?? Is it your own? GREAT! Show your stuff. 

I'll be choosing ten to display, and to share this neat blog award with. If you have problems with the comment or email functions below (which I think have been cleared up, but who knows) please feel free to shoot us an email at, or join the discussion on our facebook page, from maggie's farm. I've got a few in mind, already.  Can't wait to see what you've found!


  1. Okay #4 That is a secret I hold deep myself. The fact that you have that same "hate" just made me love you more. Looks like we share alot of the same likes which just tells me that is why I am always drawn to your posts. I am with you on #1 without it I too would not have my amazing best friend as a partner all these years as well as the abundance of blessings I receive from my family. Not sure if you have ever seen this site but it too also brings me joy. Thank you for sharing a little more about yourself.

  2. Oh thank you for your comment! This personal post made me a little nervous and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I look forward to exploring the link you've included. Hope you enjoyed a great weekend, and the week flies along happily, and frog-free.

    margaret christine


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